Highlights: Barbican BITE2009

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Gospels of Childhood The Triptych
Teatr ZAR
This spiritual and sensual experience is a three-part ritualistic lamentation on birth, death, pleasure and pain, told through song, chanting and movement.

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The TEAM and National Theatre of Scotland
Creating a requiem for modern America, this exhilarating saga weaves through the country’s past and future, providing an insightful analysis of the American psyche. Architecting is a musical, multi-media time-bending epic, full of witty and surreal images.

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Roman Tragedies
Toneelgroep Amsterdam
In this ground-breaking production, Coriolanus, Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra are edited and performed consecutively in a lucid and dramatic multimedia spectacular, which engages the senses in a performance that will keep you talking well after you leave the theatre.

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