Twitterview: Present Attempt’s (UK) NETWORKS 1.0

Over the past week, conducted a follow up Twitterview with Present Attempt about their work in progress, Networks 1.0.

Read more about their performance in the earlier post, In Performance: Present Attempt’s (UK) NETWORKS 1.0


Pformart: Can you tell us a little about your company?

Presentattempt: Journeying together for 3 years now, our process relies upon collaboration, our practice relishes the ‘tarnished performance’.

Pformart:What were some of your performative goals in Networks 1.0?

Presentattempt: Not goals as such but we wondered about traveling between different audiences, physically/virtually and enduring this over 24 hours.

Pformart: As you move forward with this project, what new lines of investigation developed from this recent performance?

Presentattempt: The nature of a remote performance, its effect on liveness. How to use all the documentation in a continuation of our process?

Pformart: Do you have any showings or performances planned for the near future?

Presentattempt: Continuing to develop Networks 1.0, no performances planned yet but hope to show more in early 2010. Also working on other projects.

Pformart: Great, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us. Looking forward to catching something of yours live soon!

Presentattempt: Thanks for the Twitterview – have enjoyed that it has been slow and fast simultaneously. Also great to have the restriction of 140! Best, PA


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