In Performance: Jeremy Wade & Pete Drunge – The Whirling Visitation


“The Whirling Visitation”
Abrons Art Center, NYC
April 9th and 10th at 8 PM
Tickets 10 in advance 15 at the door.
For reservations or 212 – 352 – 3101


“The Whirling Visitation”
A spectral blur of sound and color that beckons you to enter the excess of uncertainty, Bessie Award-winner Jeremy Wade pairs up with Bessie Award-winner Pete Drunge to present an evening dedicated to the phenomenon of the sublime. “The Whirling Visitation” is hallucinogenic amalgam of music, text and movement reverencing dissonant mystic whispers, new age alien transgression, epileptic trance at twilight, psychedelic oblivion, believe it or not, guided visualizations into the unknown, and the fairy tale occult.


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