Emerging: CHOKRA (New York City & United Arab Emirates)

BB Chokra performance outside at the Watermill Center, December 18, 2010

CHOKRA is a performance artist from the United Arab Emirates. His multi-dimensional performances integrate multi-lingual rap rhymes uttered in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, Pashto, Bengali and English, live surrealistic visuals combined with digital and analogue sound, an algorithmic processing of electronic operatives via custom software and a heightened build of the theatrical with transnational costume. CHOKRA’s performances also accelerate the hyper sensory with an epic propagation of aromatic scent, Emirati oud, neon pyromania, brilliant hues in exploding pigments, crushed gold and powdered sandalwood.

The artist’s performances are facilitated with a live and electronic apparatus that feature an assimilated composition of digital and analog sound, programmed video, real time algorithmic animations and multiple projections. CHOKRA’s work also configures in a historical collapse, with multilingual rap rhyme sequences conducted in Quranic Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, and English; transnational costume; and a consuming dispersal of original effects, including saturated pigment, scent, crude oil, pyromaniac emissions, spices and powdered chilies.


CHOKRA performs Bartan Rave at N/A v0.0, SALT Artspace, New York, 2009.



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