Featured: The International Choreographic Arts Centre (Amsterdam, Netherlands)


The International Choreographic Arts Centre Amsterdam (ICKamsterdam) is a platform for contemporary dance. It joins the forces of werkplaats (workshop), produktiehuis (production centre), research platform and company, and thus strives for a continuous development and enrichment of dance. With an international and interdisciplinary approach ICKamsterdam enters upon a dialogue with upcoming and established talent in and outside of the dance in order to infect, stimulate and innovate each other. Central to ICK are the artistic productions by artist associate dance company Emio Greco | PC and artist in residence Andrea Božić. Focal points are: talent development and knowledge transfer, reflection and research, innovation and alliance. The work of the makers of ICKamsterdam can be seen in The Netherlands and abroad, in large theatre halls, in black box theatres, and on location. Next to that, their work can also be experienced in other ways: through installations, publications, workshops and lectures.


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