In Performance: June at CPR (Brooklyn, NYC, USA)


CPR Presents: New Voices In Live Performance

Tourists from the Future:  a sci-fi, new-wave pop fable of time-travel and eco-tourism
Megan Whitmarsh, Matt Salata, and My Barbarian

The 4th of 4 events in collaboration with The Watermill Center

June 13, 2011 7:30pm
Tickets: $10 at the door

Megan Whitmarsh and My Barbarian will perform a transcendental, new wave musical in which wealthy eco-tourists have traveled back in time to visit “nature,” of which the future is bereft. These “futurians” will present their para-psychological, collected findings in an open forum dialogue and group consciousness-raising session.

Read more about Megan Whitmarsh, Matt Salata, and My Barbarian’s Residency



dancing funny and other sad tales
a collection of dance performances curated by Kirstin Kapustik

Date/Time: June 17th and 18th at 8PM
Tickets: $15.00 (Click Here to order Online)

Center for Performance Research presents dancing funny and other sad tales. The evening features work by seven emerging New York-based dance artists curated by choreographer, Kirstin Kapustik.

Featuring Works by:  Charlotte Bydwell, Diana Crum, Megan Harrold, Kirstin Kapustik, Jen McGinn, Nellie Rainwater, Emily Wexler


CPR Presents: New Voices In Live Performance
Curated by Jack Ferver

Larissa Velez-JacksonBenjamin Ford Asriel share a split bill of hair-raising new performance works.

Date/Time: June 23rd, 24th and 25th at 7:30pm
Tickets: $12

Larissa Velez-Jackson:
Star Crap in Progress is Velez-Jackson’s new work in progress based on improvisations in dance, song, sound poetry, and standup comedy. The piece asks the performer to seamlessly embody a cross section of performance personas that are amplified by live microphone. Star Crap in Progress explores the microphone as a vehicle for heightened exposure and simultaneously a structure to hide behind. Velez-Jackson frenetically creates, reverses, and discards roles to reveal what’s just beneath the surface of a façade, creating a dense and fearless form of expression.

Benjamin Ford Asriel:
Utility Pet is dedicated to-and a product of-my parents.  It both incorporates and eludes the models of companionship that were my (our) birthright. It is fantasy, history, poetry, soliloquy.  It’s a study of function and affection.  It’s a new dance for two men.Created and Performed with Jeremy Finch


Visit CPR online :
CPR – Center for Performance Research
361 Manhattan Avenue, Unit 1
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 349-1210

L Train to Graham Avenue (3rd Stop in Brooklyn)
Exit right out of turnstile
Left down Graham Avenue
Left on Jackson Street
Right on Manhattan Avenue

(from the CPR newsletter)


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