Highlights: Tanz Im August 8.12- 8.28, 2011 (Berlin, Germany)

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Tanz Im August 8.12- 8.28, 2011 (Berlin, Germany)

Maria Hassabi & Robert Steijn

  FOTO Antoine Tempe

Maria Hassabi, a New York-based choreographer and performer, is known for her works’ aesthetic precision, sculptural quality and extended durations that almost exceed the limits of live performances. In this quiet collaborative duet with Robert Steijn, a man and woman confront one another: with an unconditional devotion as a way to find out where exterior differences meet interior commonalities.


In Vivo
Mickaël Le Mer /S’Poart

  FOTO Christian Rausch

 »In Vivo« means »within the living« – and S’poart’s dance is absolutely alive. Surrounded by trembling lights, multiplex sounds and bulky wooden boxes, the dancers join elements of hip hop, acrobatics and contemporary dance. They have come a long way since their founding in 2001; this piece is a vibrant document of their search for common identity. But each dancer has retained his independence: their dance moves bear each performer’s signature.


Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods

© Chris Van der Burght

Five dancers reveal simultaneously and singularly a vibrant landscape, a charged terrain of options. Their actions are manifestations of surging phenomena, imperceptible but always active. »Violet« is a steep descent into a maelstrom, a swirl of energetic patterns and kinetic sculptures full of detail, partnered live on stage by musician Brendan Dougherty on electronics and percussion. After a period of cross-breeding with other art forms and collaborations, Meg Stuart turns in »Violet« to movement as its primary motor, pairing choreography with an alchemy of the senses. Perhaps the most abstract piece so far in her long standing career, »Violet« bears Stuart’s unique signature, an art that hones a frail »condition humaine« in its intense physical emergence.

(source: Tans Im August Website)

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