Opportunities: Open Call for The (International) Home Theater Festival



The (International) Home Theater Festival is comingApril/May 2012.
From the SF Bay Guardian:
In 2010, Bay Area performance artist and provocateur Philip Huang bucked the notion of institutionalized artistic legitimacy and challenged his friends to stage performances in their own homes. “We can legitimize ourselves,” his manifesto promised, calling the welfare state of professional arts organizations a “crock of shit.” One year later, the all-volunteer, thoroughly-DIY Home Theatre Festival spanned the globe, with scheduled performances on four continents. The premise is simple: without paying hundreds of dollars to a venue for overhead expenses, artists can charge $8 at the door and still walk away with some profit, while audiences get to experience an intimately staged performance without an institutional filter. Whether home theater can or should replace all professional art space is up for debate, but it’s nice to be reminded that ultimately the art, not the venue, matters most.
Want to be a part of it? Simply:

  1. Sign up to put on a show in your house, apartment, yard or random alley.
  2. You can be anywhere in the world (last year we booked shows in 10 cities across 5 countries) and you can dowhatever the fuck you want, as long as it’s cool withyour roommates, landlord, and neighbors.
  3. Get people to come to your show.
  4. Charge $6.99 (or equivalent in your native currency).
  5. Keep all the money.
  6. Sign up now by clicking HERE.
The Home Theater Movement Manifesto:
  1. We hereby declare that it’s lame to depend on institutions to make art.
  2. We hereby declare that we will no longer chaseopportunities, but create them for ourselves.
  3. We hereby declare that the only failure is a failure of imagination.
Join our Facebook group, or contact Philip Huang(spider75berkeley@gmail.com).

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