Featured: Big Art Group’s Broke House (NYC)

Photo: Joan Raspo

Photo: Joan Raspo

“Big Art Group is a live performance collective created by Caden Manson and Jemma Nelson that uses language and media to push formal boundaries of theatre, film and video. There are a score of companies that do just this. What’s different about Big Art Group is how they design a performance that is so exacting in its chaos. Caden designs worlds falling apart. His pre-planned precise choreography of both the actors and the large bank of video screens makes the performance appear natural and almost unrehearsed.

Big Art Group’s latest work, Broke House, is a multimedia performance with live actors that explores the instability and uncertainty we are facing in our fractured world. What a perfect title—Broke House—is for our cracked society. Credit crises, foreclosures, homelessness and the collapse of whole countries.”



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