In Performance: Banana Bag & Bodice’s Space//Space (NYC)


Banana Bag & Bodice
June 14 – July 1, 2012
The Collapsable Hole
146 Metropolitan Ave
Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Two brothers volunteer for a work program and are placed in a time capsule, then launched into outer space. One brother falls into a deep sleep while the other entertains himself through awkward stand-up comedy routines. One brother evolves into a female while the other spirals inward towards death. This space experiment provides the ideal setting for comedic futility and existential tragedy and is a ruthless examination of how human beings cope in the most arduous and punishing conditions. Employing otherworldly sound scoring and video projection, in combination with the tiny, jewel-like space pod, Space//Space evokes the expansive cosmos beyond and the loneliness of our inner orbits.

Text – Jason Craig
Music & Soundscape – Dave Malloy
Direction/Dramaturgy – Mallory Catlett
Lighting – Miranda K Hardy
Set – Banana Bag & Bodice
Sound – Brandon Wolcott
Costume – Enver Chakartash
Video – Zbigniew Bzymek
Stage Management – Denise Lum
Assistant Sound – Paul Piekarz
Production Intern – Jimmy D’Amico
Producer – Jessica Jelliffe
Associate Producer – Sandra Garner
Poster Illustration – R. Black
Additional Text – Peter Blomquist
Design Consultants – Peter Ksander, Jamie McElhinney

Performers – Peter Blomquist, Jason Craig & Jessica Jelliffe


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