Opportunities: Art, Movement, Theatre & Video Courses. Funding Available (Malta)

photo by darrin zammit lupi

photo by darrin zammit lupi

The rubber bodies collective, an artist collective based in Malta, is organising four courses to be led by artist practitioners based on the island:

Moving Visual Art

The Body: A Communicator

Devising: Creating Stories through the Body

Video Art: Re-articulated Voices

The courses are suitable for  teachers, teacher trainers and non-teaching staff involved in school education (from pre-primary up to upper secondary) or adult education. Participants do not require any previous experience in the field, as the artists will be sharing methods and techniques which will then be explored through the workshops.

The course are listed under the EU’s Life Long Learning Grundtvig program and full funding may be available for non-Maltese EU residents. This means that board (meals), accommodation, course fees and transport costs may be paid for through the EU program. Although different limits apply to different countries over the amount of funding available, most will cover all of your expenses. The deadline for the application is 17th September 2012. This is not a flexible deadline, please allow enough time to complete and send the application!

Each country has a National Agency which assesses the applications from residents of that country. Since the Grundvig programme is specifically for Adult Educators, the National Agencies decide on the eligibility of the applicant. Each agency differs in their criteria and some will reject applicants who aren’t employed by a formal educational institution, while for others it is enough that you aim to teach some workshops.

How to apply for funding

1. Select your National Agency from this link.

2. Click on the Grundtvig website, listed in the details under your national agency. If this is not listed, click on the website of your national agency and find the Grundtvig section in that website.

3. Find the Grundtvig programmes, go to ‘In service Training’ and fill in the downloadable pdf document.

4. As part of your funding application, you may need to provide a confirmation of pre-registration. This is a letter from the course organiser confirming there is a place for you on the course. For this reason, if you are applying for funding, it is important to fill our application form above.

Should you require assistance with the application form, or have any questions regarding the course, please contact Ira Melkonyan (ira@rubber-bodies.com).


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