In Performance: The Holler Sessions (COIL)


The Holler Sessions / Frank Boyd

If there is one theme that particularly emerges from Frank Boyd’s 80 minute solo performance, The Holler Sessions, it is listening. Not only hearing the curated selection of classic Jazz Boyd’s Kansas City DJ broadcasts, nor following his passionate and comic commentary, but really listening to a nearly forgotten American art form and the stories of the performers who’s artistic output was fueled by their too-often short lives.

“Listening,” Boyd says, “is like helping someone shit into a bag… The stakes are that high,” and indeed Holler Sessions’ plea for its audience to connect with something real, not only jazz, but with other people; to feel empathy and not just mass-marketed commercial hype is just as important to Boyd’s DJ character, as it should be for us all.

Paradise Factory
64 East 4th Street


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