Apply Today: LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award_Vol.5 (Deadline 3/31/17)

LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award_Vol.5 10th – 23rd July 2017 A project by Centrale Fies  Deadline 31st March 2017 € 24,00 registration fee curated by Barbara Boninsegna (artistic director of Centrale Fies, Dro) Simone Frangi (artistic director of Viafarini, Milan) Daniel Blanga-Gubbay (founder of Aleppo, Brussels) LIVE WORKS is a platform dedicated to live contemporary practices that contribute to deepening and broadening the idea of performance, following the current evolution of performance and its styles. This platform aims to measure the concreteness of performance in the real world, investigating the double of nature of LIVE – in person and alive – highlighting those moments in which performance integrates with the dynamics of life. Created in 2013 by Centrale Fies, in col...

Opportunities: Audition for Societas Raffaello Sanzio – Female Performers (18-80 yrs)

Societas Raffaello Sanzio Deadline: 10 August 2016 Apply: email Applications will be accepted from female dancer-performers between 18 and 80 years of age, without tattoos, for the new work by Romeo Castellucci. The following is required to apply: 1) a video 3 or 4 minutes long showing a dance sequence – indifferently taken from the folk repertory, and, in any case, with no importance given to its original tradition. The candidate must appear in a full-length shot, wearing underclothes. The video may or may not be accompanied by music. 2) a video 3 or 4 minutes long, in which the candidate records a dialogue –indifferently taken from the classic repertory – in which she performs both roles, or more than two as the case may be, with timing and recitation as required by t...

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