La Melancolie des Dragons

In Performance: Philippe Quesne/Vivarium Studio – La Melancolie des Dragons (Out There Festival)

La Melancolie des Dragons Philippe Quesne/Vivarium Studio Walker Art Center A group of long-haired metalheads sits in a stalled vintage Citroën in a wintery forest. They fiddle with the car radio, share snacks, and chat under cover of blasting music. Then arrives their friend Isabelle, a wise Snow White figure to the metalheads’ seven dwarves. After determining (through inspection and tinkering) that their Citroën won’t be going anywhere tonight, she asks the stranded metalheads to pass the time by demonstrating the attractions of the amusement park they are developing. Here, Philippe Quesne’s penchant for using simple tools to create surreal images shines. The would-be amusement park creators display each attraction for Isabelle, often calling her away from the previous one like a child e...

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