New York City

Interview with Jen Rosenblit: Performing Process and Problematics

Jen Rosenblit has been making performance in New York City since 2005. Her Bessie Award-winning work questions intimacy inside of problematic spaces, uniting choreographies, text, and design towards philosophical quandaries. Her work has been commissioned by The Kitchen, New York Live Arts, Danspace, and others, and she has been a resident artist with Movement Research, LMCC, and others. Clap Hands was recently presented at the 2017 American Realness Festival at Abrons Arts Center, and Jen and I sat down after the closing performance to discuss the piece. The following is an excerpt of our conversation. — Sara Lyons: Tell me about the development of Clap Hands. What were your initial questions? Jen Rosenblit: Early on I was reading a lot of [Lauren] Berlant, and she said: “The reorga...

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