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In Performance

In Performance: deufert + plischke (Sophiensaele, Berlin)

Anarchiv #1: I am not a zombie

a performance by and with deufert + plischke, Jeroen Peeters and Marcus Steinweg
27 and 28 August, 9.30 PM at Sophiensaele, Berlin

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At night in a graveyard the zombie appears as a living dead, wounded and ravaged by life. Archives contain documents from a past that the living want to preserve. A collection that seeks to maintain what once was, though its form changes over time.

Anarchiv #1: I am not a zombie, by and with Kattrin Deufert, Jeroen Peeters, Thomas Plischke and Marcus Steinweg, doesn’t aim to bottle up the past, nor to awaken the dead. Instead, the genealogies of living materials, traces and memories that make up their respective oeuvres are being explored, reformulated and given a future.
Anarchiv #1: I’m not a zombie is a journey through the unruly landscape of one’s own archive, scattered with illegible scraps, defunct videotapes, fading memories, marks and tattoos covering the body. Listening closely, one can still hear a subtle muttering from the twilight zone of the past, haunting the present: “Do you exchange blood for language?”, “Clothes make the man”, “Ça a toujours recommencé” or “I am not a zombie!”
Departing from the work’s effervescence, Anarchiv #1: I’m not a zombie proposes conceptual scenes, topologies and textures. As scores waiting to be actualised time and again, they are an expression of restlessness and curiosity, and a quest for precision in the uncertain.

[By and with] deufert+plischke, Jeroen Peeters and Marcus Steinweg
[Costumes] Sasa Kovacevic
[Production] Barbara Greiner
[Thank you] Susanne Bentley, Jos Indesteege, Edy Poppy, Marialena Pouskouri, Jan Ritsema and Lucie Tuma
The soundtrack contains a.o. Frank Zappa’s “Mozart Ballet” from the album You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore. Vol 5.

A production of deufert+plischke and Gemeinschaftspraxis Hamburg e.V. Supported by the Hamburg authorities for culture, sports and media, National Performance Network (NPN) and Kulturstiftung Hamburg. Coproduction: Kampnagel (Hamburg), Sophiensaele (Berlin), PACT Zollverein (Essen), BUDA (Kortrijk), WP Zimmer (Antwerpen).

The first joint creation by the choreographers deufert +plischke (Hamburg), essayist and dramaturg Jeroen Peeters (Brussels) and philosopher Marcus Steinweg (Berlin), Anarchiv #1: I’m not a zombie departs from a long shared history, with roles becoming fluid and collaboration tightening over the years. In March 2001, Plischke, Deufert and Peeters occupied the BSBbis during ten days with a group of 80 befriended artists, sharing life and work, questioning the conditions for creating and presenting work. After staying awake for several days and nights, Deufert and Plischke performed Luxury gap, a lengthy sleeping session in the theatre. Ever since, they have been connecting holes with holes, knitting their life and work as artist twins, which yielded a large variety of performances and videoworks, including the directory trilogy (2003-06) and reportable portraits (2007). As a trio with Peeters, who has written extensively about their work, they curated the queer laboratory B-Visible (Vooruit Ghent, 2002) and created the poster installation Lectures/Demonstrations (deSingel Antwerp, 2005). In the framework of Dictionary of War they met Marcus Steinweg in Berlin. A shared interest in the figure of Antigone lead to several collaborations, including the workshop Kinship and other monstrosities (Steirischer Herbst Graz, 2007) and the Theatertreffen Berlin 2008. Steinweg’s publications include Bataille Maschine (Berlin, 2003) and Behauptungsphilosophie (Berlin, 2006).

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