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Highlights: PS 122 Fall 2009

PS 122 Fall 2009 Highlights

Kurt Henschläger

Oct 28 – Nov 15
(2 shows per hour)
Wed – Fri 5 – 10:00pm
Sat 2 – 10:00pm
Sun 12:00pm – 6:00pm
at 3LD Art & Technology Center

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ZEE proposes a state of “tabula rasa” (latin for blank slate), where one’s perceptual framework is first reset and then recalibrated.

The audience enters a space filled with extremely dense fog, so that the confines, walls and ceiling of the space, always remain fully obscured. Stroboscopic- and pulse light filters through the fog, in a softened and evenly dispersed manner, creating kinetic structures in constant flux.The core visual impression of ZEE is of a psychedelic architecture of pure light. It is an abstract luminescent landscape, surrounding the visitor in a seemingly holographic fashion, with no apparent screen or projection apparatus present.

This ephemeral impression is resulting from light (wave) interference phenomena; its synthesized inside one’s brain and so becomes a “mind-scape” rather than being an optical perception of a surrounding environment.

“The result is an immersive environment of flickering light in which the “real” physical world mutates into a primordial soup of pulsing sound, mist and colored light. …This is the world as viewed by a dying robot clone from the inside of a Turner landscape painting. ” from an essay on FEED by Claudia Hart The audience can freely roam the ZEE sphere, while the nature of the work emanates an almost automatic process of slow motion. Suspended flexible ropes, from and to the entrance gate, mark the available space and lead into- and out of ZEE.

An ambient and minimal sound-scape connects to the interference patterns and the changes in color, frequency, intensity and mood. ZEE is an almost quiet work, seen in relation to the earlier work of Kurt Henschläger and Granular Synthesis.The audience can freely roam the ZEE space. The nature of the work instills an almost automatic process of slow motion. Suspended flexible ropes, to and from the entrance gate, mark the available space and lead into and out of ZEE. One therefore cannot get lost in it or bump into obstacles.
The overall composition is best understood as a fluctuating “organism”.
ZEE is presented by FuturePerfect in association with Performance Space 122 and is produced in New York by 3LD Art & Technology Center


Maria Hassabi
Solo & Soloshow

In association with Crossing the Line
Tue, Sept 29 – Sun, Oct 4
Tue – Sat 7:30pm, Sun 5:30pm
Late Show: Sat, Oct 3 10pm

In association with Performa 09
Thu, Nov 12 – Sun, Nov 15
Thu – Sat 8pm, Sun 6pm,
Late shows Fri, Sat 10pm

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“The boundaries between dance, artwork, installation and performance are subtly blurred…every sculptural position suggests unverifiable meaning…The quality of the darkening light is as beautiful as a painting, but the effect – the music, the spatial emptiness – is pure theater.” – Roslyn Sulcas, The New York Times (on GLORIA)

A diptych of two autonomous evening-long solos that play between opposing orientations. The performer moves from a solitary contemplation in Solo, to a devotion to ‘show-culture’ in SoloShow. Hassabi continues her rigorous exploration of representations of the female body – embedded within art history, pop culture, and the performance of daily life – dissolving into the physicality of contemporary dance. Performed alternately by Hassabi and Hristoula Harakas; with lighting by Joe Levasseur, clothing by ThreeAsFour, dramaturgy by Marcos Rosales, sound score by James Lo, and set design by Scott Lyall and Hassabi.

With funding from the National Performance Network, MCAF supported by the N.Y.C. Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by LMCC and The Brown Foundation, Inc. of Houston. Co-produced and presented by Performance Space 122, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, the French Institute Alliance Francaise (FIAF) as part of the Crossing the Line Festival, and the 2009 Visual Art Performance Biennial, Performa 09.

Full Schedule at

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