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In Performance

In Performance: Sans Objet by Compagnie 111 (Toulouse, France)

In Performance: Sans Objet by Compagnie 111  (Toulouse, France)


[singlepic id=166 w=590 h= float=] It is a meeting between man and a robot, one of these huge articulated arms which are used in car assembly lines to carry out the hard and tedious tasks that workers used to do; It is a real robot, straight from its original factory. There, it had a purpose. Here, on stage, it has become “ without object”. Aurélien Bory must therefore find a role for it, somehow make it more human. “Its behaviour is by no means modified, its mechanical qualities, power, and the brutality, even the violence of its movements, which are a somewhat warlike, remain. Here, man and robot are partners. What matters is their way of drawing closer and establishing contact. They are caught within an artistic space; in other words, if one considers the values of the industrial world, they belong to the field of “uselessness”. “They seem to revert to the old relationship between primitive man and animals; before he could domesticate them, he had to fight them in initiatory rituals similar to this unusual game between a human being who knows the rules and a robot which, just like a child at play, discovers them, invents them and finally dominates them. You can’t take anything for granted.” – Colette Godard


conception, scenography and director – Aurélien Bory artistic advice – Pierre Rigal lights – Arno Veyrat stage set – Pierre Dequivre robot programming – Tristan Baudoin sound – Stéphane Ley costumes -Sylvie Marcucci with – Olivier Alenda, Pierre Cartonnet (distribution en cours)

On Tour:

  • From October 7th to 24th – Toulouse – TNT
  • From November 28th to 8th – Lausanne – Théâtre Vidy
  • January 6th / 7th – Annecy – Le Bonlieu
  • January 27th/ 28th / 29th – La Rochelle – La Coursive
  • February 23 to March 06 – Paris – THÉÂTRE DE LA VILLE
  • April 1st – Douai – L’Hippodrome
  • May 11th – Tarbes – Le Parvis

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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