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Opportunities: Festival Escrita na Paisagem: Summer School 2010 (Portugal)

Festival Escrita na Paisagem: Summer School 2010 – open calls

Since 2008, the Festival Escrita na Paisagem chooses August as the month dedicated to the Summer School, providing young artist and arts students with the opportunity to learn with acknowledged international theater and performance artists.


For its 3rd edition, the Summer School 2010 widens its scope and offer. For the first time this project will host a guest artist, Vera Mantero; conferences, debates, and an exhibition about her work will be presented. In addition the artist will perform two of her creations – Olympia and a mysterious Thing said e.e. cummings – which are particularly suitable to the Festival’s main theme, re:play. Following the scheme of the previous editions, but in a broader format, Summer School will offer two intensive performance workshops: one on puppeteering, coordinated the Compagnie Philippe Genty, and the other on actors training and performance devising by Phillip Zarrilli and Kaite O’Reilly.

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«Souvenir d’une amnésie», Memory of an amnesia
2nd-13th August, Evora (Portugal)

Cie. Philippe Genty creates a multidisciplinary work, which articulates theatre, dance, circus, puppet and object theatre. Their work is based on the relationship between body and object explored through a variety of approaches, which results in an original compelling visual language. The scene is conceived as an inner landscape where the unconscious reveals itself: fears, fool hopes, shames, repressed desires… Cie. Philippe Genty’s creations belong to a dream-like world, where actors, puppeteers, and dancers handling varied-sized puppets and objects emerge on scene weaving a fantasy tale of free-associations in front of the audience’s eyes.

At Escrita na Paisagem’s Summer School, in Évora, the Compagnie Philippe Genty coordinates a intensive workshop that introduces participants to the company’s visual language. The work is focused on the basic techniques of puppet manipulation and on the relationship between body and object, approached via both individual and collective research. The workshop is opened to puppeteers, actors, dancers, and performers. After 10 days of intense work a final presentation will be open to public.

For more details, download the workshop call

“Making the body all eyes”: “The Evora Books”: A library of hands
24th August – 3rd September, Evora (Portugal)

After coordinating the second edition of the Summer School in 2009, the actor trainer and director Phillip Zarrilli and the dramaturg, dramaturgist Katie O’Reilly offer a new workshop, addressed to actors, performers, dancers, and writers. The workshop will culminate in a work-in-progress site-specific performance, “The Évora Books”: A Library of Hands, in The Public Library of Évora.

In “Making the body all eyes” creation is approached from the perspective of performing and writing (to) performance through a psychophysical and imagination-oriented training.

Phillip Zarrilli introduces the participants to his internationally acknowledged intensive psychophysical training, which joins exercises based on Asian martial and meditation arts, like kalarippayattu and taiquiquan, with key principles and insights conceived by Western directors and theater theoreticians such as Stanislavski, Grotowski, and Artaud.

The other component of workshop focuses on writing for performance. Under the guidance of Kaite O’Reilly, participants will devise performance ‘texts’ via exercises which stimulate the imagination through the exploration of different starting points and aesthetics. These exercises are based on work with imagination, inspired by Michael Chekhov’s approach.

As the workshop progresses, Zarrilli and O’Reilly will collaboratively guide participants to create a performance starting from psychophysical exercises, authored text, ‘found’ text, and responses to the site of the performance — the extraordinary reading room of Évora Public Library. After a ten-days intensive work, a site-specific creation will be presented as a work-in-progress performance entitled ‘The Evora Books’: A Library of Hands. The performance will emerge from a combination of Zarrilli’s and O’Reilly’s work processes: generated text as a stimulus for creativity, performed texts, and structured improvisations. The piece will also reflect broad artistic concerns approached by these creators, as well as particular inquiries raised by working in the space of Evora Public Library and the notions of archive and archiving it bears: what performance possibilities does the space offer as a site? What do the books housed in the library offer as a stimulus for creating texts? What is the touch and feel of these books? What stories do in these texts bear?

For more details, download the workshop call

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