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Opportunities: Open Call For Performing Artists and Managers (Romania, Cyprus, Ireland, Latvia, United Kingdom, Turkey)

Opportunities: Open Call For Performing Artists and Managers (Romania, Cyprus, Ireland, Latvia, United Kingdom, Turkey)

E-MOTIONAL Bodies & Cities

E-MOTIONAL Bodies & Cities is a mobility and artistic exchange dance programme gathering artists and managers from six European countries – Romania, Cyprus, Ireland, Latvia, United Kingdom (as project co-organisers) and Turkey (as associated partner country). The project aims to set up a network of artists and cultural practitioners from several countries in Europe with a low awareness about each other, but which all share a common vision on the future development of contemporary dance.

E-Motional begins in July 2011 and will comprise of five interdisciplinary artistic research residencies in the partner countries; the Motion Fund, a special funding scheme aimed at promoting cross-border mobility of the dance sector; the E-Motional Exchange – a network to support the development of new collaborative performances and tours; and the E-Motional Forum which will wrap the project in April 2013.

E-Motional is a co-operation between body>data>space (UK), Gabriela Tudor Foundation (RO) (lead organiser), Dublin Dance Festival (IRL), The Association of the Professional Dance Choreographers in Latvia (LAT), Dance House Lemesos (CY).


For 2012-2013, three different E-motional, mobility and networking grants and residencies are available for contemporary dance professionals in order to visit six project countries [Romania -Ireland -Latvia -Cyprus -United Kingdom -Turkey].

1. Mobility and Networking Grants: (4-7 days) 14 grants availablefor professionals to travel between the 6 participating countries – €500 (for part of the international travel expenses, accommodation and/or per diem) Deadline: 29. February 2012.

2. ArtistNe(s)t Residency Programme in 2012: The programme aims to offer support to the development of new work by young and mid-career choreographers and is addressed to artists based in the 6 participating countries. UK is not hosting any residencies but UK artists can apply. The deadline for the next round is 29. February 2012.

3. OPEN CALL: Gabriela Tudor Fellowship for Dance Managers. 6 grants available for you to discover the dance scenes in Romania – Ireland – Latvia – Cyprus – United Kingdom. If you are a dance manager or administrator from one of the E-motional countries you are welcome to apply for an up to 21-day residency.


For information on applying and a list of events taking place, please contact Leanne Hammacott or visit the E-Motional website

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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