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Opportunities: Open Call for Portal 9, Journal Of Critical Writing About The City (Beirut, Lebanon)

Opportunities: Open Call for Portal 9, Journal Of Critical Writing About The City (Beirut, Lebanon)

*Portal 9*, a new Arabic-English journal of stories and critical writing about the city, seeks proposals for its spring 2013 issue, “The Square.”

Deadline: September 1, 2012

*Portal 9* is a journal of stories and critical writing about urbanism and the city. By focusing on a unique theme, each issue blends creative writing, photography, and personal essays with academic scholarship, perceptive journalism, and cultural critiques

The journal is based in Beirut and published twice yearly in English and Arabic editions. It addresses the need for a conscientious debate about architecture, planning, culture, and society in urban contexts across the Middle East and the rest of the world.

*Portal 9* welcomes proposals for new writing in Arabic and English. We publish fiction, essays, reportage, criticism, reviews, conversations, academic articles, performance-related articles, new scripts, reviews of plays, and visual essays – from photography to illustrations to architectural drawings. *Portal 9* explores the nexus of urbanism and culture in the Middle East and the rest of the world, and we seek contributions from emerging writers, graduate students, and seasoned authors. We seek bold arguments and daring insights. We aspire to publish articles that break new ground and prose that intrigues and spellbinds. We expect nuance and trenchant detail.

Interested writers should bear in mind that *Portal 9* is published twice yearly. We value the editorial and translation process, and articles often undergo rewrites and rigorous edits of multiple drafts. All articles published in the print edition are translated into Arabic or English, and this process requires that we plan many months in advance. Contributors to the print edition are compensated for their work.

Proposals should address the theme and need to demonstrate a thorough understanding and knowledge of the available research for the topic at hand. They should amount to at least 500 words. Proposals should clearly describe the piece, its relevance, and why the piece is suitable for *Portal 9*. They should also outline the characters and settings that will advance the argument of the piece. Only one proposal will be considered at a time.

Please send proposals to Please also submit up to two writing samples and a CV. If interested in the proposal, the editors will respond within a month of receipt.

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Aktina Stathaki graduated with honors from the National Theater of Greece where she worked with some of the country's most respected directors (Livathinos, Koniordou, Milivojevic). She holds a PhD in theater studies from the University of Toronto with a focus on contemporary South African theater. After moving to New York in 2010, she founded Between the Seas, the first festival in North America on contemporary performance from the Mediterranean. |
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