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Opportunities: Workshop “Unity 3D for theatre stage” (ITALY)

Opportunities: Workshop “Unity 3D for theatre stage” (ITALY)


Collective will present a workshop focused on using Unity3d and interaction between sw and bodies on stage.
Unity 3D is a tool commonly used to create video games, but collective will use it for theatre creation of virtual set that can interact with actors/dancers.

During the workshop techniques of capturing with various tools / existing opensource software will be introduced and Unity3d and its main features (lights, objects, textures, timeline, programming, etc.) will be shown.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring actors/dancers and computer experts together to use and test new possibilities of interaction technology/human expression.

22/23 September 2012 from 9.30 to 13 and 14.30 to 18.

Residenza itinere a Bergamo ex Monastero di Valmarina
via Valmarina 25
24100 Bergamo (ITALY)

laptop (pc – mac) with Unity3d,  you can download for free at the following link

80 euro including membership fee (students 60 euros).
To register, complete the form below

For any questions or additional information:
– For organizational matters / Applications: Michele, michele.cremaschi @, +39 3202992681
– For questions concerning the content of the workshop: davide.rambaldi @

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Born in Milan (IT) in 80's, a degree in Communication Studies, a past as videomaker and a present as contemporary dancer. I try to experiment a personal performing language that contemplates both a movement language and a research approach, that aspire to a "depth of field" idea of dance and choreography. And that's also what I love to see as audience. I live in Milan, near an ex-cinema and ex-ballroom called "Il bomba" (I made an étude about it).
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