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Opportunity: Movement and Voice Workshops at CAVE (Brooklyn)

Opportunity: Movement and Voice Workshops at CAVE (Brooklyn)


The fall season has begun at CAVE.  Focusing on the LUDUS Technique, CAVE’s educational program, weekly training classes and a variety of butoh, body, and voice training are offered to dancers, actors, and performers.  Every year, parallel to the development of the Ludus Technique, influential butoh artists living abroad as well as locally are invited to lead workshops at CAVE.  This year’s guest resident teachers are Maximilian Balduzzi, Moeno Wakamatsu, Tadashi Endo, and Kota Yamazaki.


LUDUS – Piercing Butoh
Ximena Garnica LEIMAY Weekly Classes
Concentration on on the manipulation of time, space, and body through the transformation of embodied images. Preparation of an alert and neutral body that is ready to be moved or one that is ready to perform.

Voice and Body Training
Maximilian Balduzzi
A two-day intensive program.  Based on essential principles of impulse, control, opposition and rhythm, the workshop engages participants through a series of exercises developed over the past fifteen years.  Concentration on physical awareness and density.

Butoh Workshop
Moeno Wakamatsu
Two day guest teacher session focusing on physical training for awareness, strength, flexibility, body mechanics, sensitivity, and concentration.  Placing oneself outside in space//Placing one’s desire in the space.

Butoh Workshop
Kota Yamazaki
Three two-day sessions exploring Kota Yamazaki’s approach to butoh and his Fluid Technique.  By imagining physical senses such as distorting, weakening, sickening, sinking, and inwarding, and by sensing absence and presence, a constant bodily transformation is provoked.

Butoh Workshop
Tadashi Endo
Tadashi Endo’s Butoh-ma method aims to make the invisible visible.  “Ma” is a Japanese concept related to “Emptiness” and “Space in Between.”  It suggests an interval, a guest consciousness of place.  Through these sessions, students will explore this unique concept.

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Raul Zbengheci is inspired by monolithic social housing left over after the Communist regime in Bucharest. These are buildings that speak louder than anyone who inhabits them, they are buildings that create visions and ghosts for anyone surrounded by them. For Collectif Experiencia, he uses these memories of monumental constructions to create stage spaces that serve as speaking skeletons, superficial and waiting to be filled by bodies and movements that will redefine the spaces themselves. When considering the stage, he uses light to redefine and reconstruct the space with the idea that a precise structure on the outside can allow for greater abstraction within the limits it has imposed. Zbengheci is also a photographer and writer. In photography, he uses the same ideas he expresses for the stage, composing spaces rather than capturing them. His first book, Tryin’ to Find Another Place, is in final revision. The project nicesentences aims to find a style of writing detached from context and minimal, visceral as well as aesthetic. He lives in New York where he is the Editor-in-Chief of Connectom, LEIMAY-CAVE's online artist network and publication. He is also the co-founder of Collectif Experiencia.
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