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Opportunities: Live Works Performance Art Award (A Centrale Fies project in collaboration with Viafarini DOCVA)

Opportunities: Live Works Performance Art Award (A Centrale Fies project in collaboration with Viafarini DOCVA)

Live Works
Performance Art Award

A Centrale Fies project
in collaboration with Viafarini

first edition
competition announcement
deadline 14 April 2013

curated by:
Barbara Boninsegna
Simone Frangi
Denis Isaia

Live Works – Performance Art Award is a prize dedicated to all the performance disciplines devoted to the visual arts. The definition of performance is meant as the entire range of live contemporary expression, including: actions, performance, relational arts, live media, theatre/text-based, media arts and emerging arts.

Live Works – Performance Art Award is a Centrale Fies project, in collaboration with Viafarini DOCVA . The agreement between the two institutions sees a synergy conceived to elicit the production and experimentation of live expression. Its objective is to create collaboration in different spheres of action to promote fusion, and offer the artists the possibility to pursue their research, develop it and present it to the public.

1. Eligible participants
The prize is open to all artists, as individuals or in groups. Registration for the competition entails automatic registration in the DOCVA archive portfolio. We ask those artists already registered with the DOCVA archive to please send an updated version of their portfolio .

2. Participation requirements
The competition accepts unpublished projects only, or medium to long-term projects that need to be developed and/or concluded, for which participation would represent a continuing or final chapter. Groups formed especially for the occasion are not admitted to the competition.

3. Prize
Live Works – Performance Art Award will select five finalists and a final winner. The five finalists selected by the jury will be invited to participate in a production residency at Centrale Fies from the 11th to the 20th June 2013, during which time, with a budget of €500.00 at their disposition, they will produce a performance.

Before and during the residency, the artists will benefit from the support of two resident curators (Denis Isaia for Centrale Fies and Simone Frangi for Viafarini DOCVA) and from the production office of Centrale Fies. The residency phase forms the basis of the project and is therefore not negotiable.

The performance produced will be presented to the public on July the 30th, during the 33rd edition of the Drodesera Festival. On this occasion, the presentations of the five finalists will be evaluated by a second jury, who will select the final winner.
The winning artist will be offered the possibility of an additional phase of residency at Centrale Fies and is awarded a €1000.00 prize, after tax.

The finalists’ performances may also be presented during the autumn program for Viafarini DOCVA.

4. Supporting documentation
Artists who intend to participate must:
a) fill in an online participation form, available from
b) attach their portfolio, including a personal statement and curriculum vitae. Required format: .pdf; accepted languages: English, Italian. The portfolio must be contained in a single file, not bigger than 10mb.
c) attach a description of the performance project to be developed during the residency period. The description should include the project profile (max. 3,500 characters), the technical details, and a feasibility study (see paragraph 10). Required format: .pdf; accepted languages: English, Italian. The description of the performance project must be contained in a single file, not bigger than 10mb.
d) Attach any other eventual audiovisual material. Accepted formats: .avi; .mov; .mpg; .mp3. Accepted languages: all. Any audiovisual material should be hosted on an external server (Vimeo, YouTube, other). Please list the link and any necessary passwords below.
e) Send a hard copy of your portfolio to Viafarini DOCVA, Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4, 20154 – Milan with the envelope clearly labelled “Live Works Performance Art Award”. The sent portfolio should be accompanied by the DOCVA archive form, duly filled in, downloadable at the following address:

5. Deadline
Sunday 14 April 2013, 12.oo a.m. Candidates who submit after this deadline will not be accepted.
The postmarked date of the hard copy will be taken as the date of submission.

6. Costs
Participation is free. During the residency period, the organisation will cover room and board costs. No daily allowance is provided for. Transport costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum of €200.00 for each of the 5 projects selected.

7. Competition jury
The jury who selects the finalists is made up of a president and five members:
Barbara Boninsegna, Centrale Fies artistic director, President
Antonia Alampi, associate curator of Beirut, Cairo
Giulia Bini, researcher, IUAV Venezia
Lorenzo Facchinelli, artist
Simone Frangi, Viafarini DOCVA curator
Denis Isaia, independent curator

The jury to select the final winner is made up of a president and five members:
Marco Scotini, art critic and independent curator and department leader for MA in curatorial studies and MA in fine arts, President
Umberto Angelini, Uovo project artistic director
Anna Bandettini, journalist and theatre critic
Francesca Grilli, artist
Emanuele Masi, Bolzano Danza artistic director
Franco Trentalance, actor and director
The jury have the discretion to not announce one or more finalists or the final winner. A tie for final place will not be admitted. Should two or more projects obtain the same points, the vote of the president will be counted as double.

The finalists will be advised on our site and will be communicated in a press publication.

8. Calendar
18 February 2013: competition announcement
14 April 2013: competition deadline
Before 6 May 2013: finalist announcement
11-21 June 2013: finalists’ residencies
30 July 2013: performance presentation and announcement of winner

9. Intellectual property rights
Participants must guarantee the intellectual property of the developed presentations. The works that involve non-original music or images must guarantee the relative rights and eventual SIAE requirements, if necessary (SIAE: Società Italiana Autori ed Editori).
The material presented and the performance produced will remain the property of the author. Centrale Fies and Viafarini DOCVA reserve the right to publish the candidacy, without additional advisement, and to organise an exhibition or various activities for the appropriate promotion of the project and its participants, with the source always clearly cited.
Candidates for the prize, through the act of participation, grant Centrale Fies the pre-emption rights relative to distribution and commercialisation of the performance and of all documentation or objects derived from it.

10. Information and feasibility study
Centrale Fies is a space organised for live spectacles, and has specific technical equipment. Together with the competition announcement, a downloadable kit with diagrams and images of the space is available.
The evaluation of the performance project’s feasibility within the requirements stated in the competition announcement is the responsibility of the artist. For information on the equipment available, or other information, please write to Consultation by telephone will not be available.

The Competition Authority is Centrale Fies: Il Gaviale Società Cooperativa, via Gramsci 13, 38074 – Dro (TN). Participation in the competition requires complete and unconditional acceptance of the rules and regulations. Any disputes will be under the jurisdiction of the Trento tribunal. The translation of the current competition announcement is for informational purposes only. In case of disputes, the Italian text will be the sole reference point.

ps: Centrale Fies is one of the centres active in the European panorama of performative art. Born at the 30th Drodesera Festival, Centrale Fies is today an artistic residence, the headquarters of Drodesera, and a factory dedicated to the production and promotion of performing arts, with a specific vocation for the experimentation and fusion of the performative disciplines. Centrale Fies is also a co-working place for designers, illustrators and architects, and a forge for experimentation and new trends in the fields of art and theatre.


Centrale Fies, Località Fies 1
Dro (TN), Italy

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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