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♦ MPA-B PROGRAMME: May 15th ♦

We are half way thru the programme! It’s been an incredible ride so far and we are delighted to bring you two more weeks of enthralling performances from Berlin’s independent, experimental and contemporary performance art scene.
For our latest newsletter featuring all our projects from May 15th to May 21st visit this link:

For reviews and reflections, videos and audio recordings from many of our past projects, visit our fantastic blog:

And finally, to make sure that MPA-B can continue in the future, as well as other independent and artist-run initiatives which make the city into the unique cultural mecca that it is today, check the work of the Koalition der Freien Szene who are currently campaigning to get a portion of the soon-to-be-introduced City Tax, injected into the independent cultural sector. You can follow their work here and sign their petition here:

And now this is what dozens of performance artists will bring to you today.

Associate Curators Stefania Angelini & Judith Lavagna will host another Wednesday of performances at L’Atelier kunst(spiel)raum during the project DISPLAYING THE INSTANT. Head to L’Atelier between 19:00-22:00 and see two performances by Anna Schimkat and Francesco Cavaliere (entrance: donations). ‘DISPLAYING THE INSTANT’ is a time-based project investigating performance art in relation to its production of presence.
More info:–judith-lavagna.html

Join CUT INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL today as they will unite many artists from their extensive programme into a series of street interventions at the East Side Gallery, against the destruction of segments of the wall to make space for luxury apartments (shivering just at the thought). Starting at 19:00, hundreds of people are expected to join the artists in a protest and reclamation of a historical site many do not want to see disappear. A further performance will take place at 21:30 at Oberbaumbruecke with Dovrat Meron.
More info:

(CON)TEMPORARY SPACE-TIME, which brings you the best of Taiwan’s performance art, continues today with a special Stammtisch at NeuHoch with artists 吳逸中 Effie Wu, 葉育君 Ye Yu-Jun and guest artist Jörn J. Burmester performing from 19:00 to 22:00 (free entrance)
More info:–i-chen-tsou.html

Alexandra Gneissl invites audiences to be part of a photographic experiment titled FRAMEWORK at Kolonnadenhof auf der Museumsinsel between 13:00-15:00, where she will set up visual limits and ask people, passersby and guests to project their image in whichever way they wish.
More info:

Club/spoken word queen Lady Gaby, returns to the limelight with another evening of interactive performances with guest artists Pani K & the Dildo Orchestra, Peter Morey, Anna-Sofia Sysser/Palloilla. Make your way to Zur Möbelfabrik from 21:00 and be delighted, provoked, stimulated and entertained during Gaby’s latest multimedia show titled FROM TEA LADY TO ÜBERMODEL! HOW DID WE GET THERE?
More info:

Meanwhile these ongoing projects, are also on the programme for today:

The TV show VERB WOMAN TV/VERB FRAU TV continues. Tune in on from 10:40-11:15 and watch artist Margaret Dragu bringing you the latest insights into her life in Berlin and as part of MPA-B 2013
More info:–florian-feigl.html

Agora Collective’s BRIDGES AND NON-BRIDGES OF PERFORMANCE ART & CONTEMPORARY DANCE continues with a day-long workshop with artist Herman Heisig titled SPACE DOCTORING (13:00-18:00) in which audiences will experiment the relationship of their body to their surrounding environment developing a set of actions and mini-choreographies.
More info:

POEMA SOLO, a durational performance with Mirella Galbiatti, Merce Soler, Monai de Paula Antunes continues for the second day in a row at OKK gallery (free entrance) from 18:00-22:00. The project has been presented so far only in theatre platforms. During MPA-B the artists will “play with the elements of the object as well as with the baggage of the whole creative process of this piece without text or script, focusing on the behaviour of both performer and object in relation to the space and the exhaustion of time.”
More info:

Aleks Slota continues with his week-long project SILENCE, a performative installation exploring the potential power we have over each other. For seven days, eight hours each day, the artist will be installed in the gallery window at ReTramp and negotiate power between himself and the audience through only his gaze.
More info:

Mariana Delgado, continues her explorations of the site around the Kunsthaus Tacheles & Oranienburgerstrasse as part of her month-long project ARTIST IN EXHIBITION, which will culminate with a durational performance on May 25th.
More info:

Amelie Wedel’s curated ON OFF MOMENTS exhibition at Grimmuseum reopens its doors after a very successful opening last week. The exhibition displays works outside the realm of performance art by young artists that reveal a moment of absence in different ways, thereby disclosing paradoxes of presence / absence, visibility / invisibility, and self-referentiality / external-referentiality.
More info:

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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