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♦ MPA–B PROGRAMME: May 31st ♦

Alright, we have been living in denial long enough. It’s time to adjust to the truth and finally acknowledge that THIS is really IT: the Month of Performance Art–Berlin has come to an end. Very few words can summarise what an incredible month this has been. So we will leave them until tomorrow, after this fantastic final day of performance art projects has passed, and after we’ve recovered from tonight’s epic MPA–B’s CLOSING PARTY AT SHIFT CLUB……

And now, for one last time, here is today’s programme overview:

The ON OFF MOMENTS exhibition at Grimmuseum, curated by Amelie Wedel and displaying works outside the realm of performance art by young artists that reveal a moment of absence in different ways, thereby disclosing paradoxes of presence / absence, visibility / invisibility, and self-referentiality / external-referentiality, is still on view today from 14:00 to 19:00 (free entrance). The exhibition runs until June 9th.
More information here:

(CON)TEMPORARY SPACE-TIME closes it’s month-long showcase of performance art from Taiwan, with an evening of performances, talks and an exhibition at Rosalux (starting at 17:00 – free entrance). Featuring live actions by 傅雅雯 Fu Ya-Wen, 林其蔚 Lin Chi-Wei, 湯皇珍 Tang Huang-Chen and 瓦旦.塢瑪 Watan Wuma and an exhibition with works by 湯皇珍 Tang Huang-Chen, 高俊宏 Kao Jun-Hong and 吳瑪悧 Wu Ma-Li, this grand closing promises to be a fantastic opportunity to see and learn more about the work of our Asian counterparts, who have come specifically to Berlin to present current trends in Taiwanese performance art making.
More information here:–i-chen-tsou.html

Starting at 21:00 (entrance 7-5€) at OSHO Studio Berlin, Alexa Wilson & Friends will present EXTRAORDINARY ALIENS, a work that explores cultural, physical and emotional ‘outsiderness’ and ‘insiderness’ in a cross-disciplinary performance art, dance and video piece spanning Europe, America, New Zealand and Asia. The performance questions the elitism of power structures deeply embedded within our global and communal society in relation to the identity of bodies and the empowerment of self.
More information here:

A-CURATE #2, a monthly event dedicated to crossborder practice in art and sound performance curated by Marianne Jacquet, also brings its programming to an end with another grand closing at Urban Spree. Titled RADIO MAKI, it will feature live sessions with Zachov, Carl Schilde, Miko and Strip Down, as well as DJs Inn, Bellevue, Aminus, Samuel, Bilibobcat, performances and special guests! Doors open at 22:00.
More information here:

And finally….WE COULD NOT LEAVE MAY WITHOUT WRAPPING UP MPA–B IN STYLE, WITH ONE BIG NAUGHTY PARTY. Hosted at SHIFT club and organised by the power ladies behind the curated series Us Inc., dedicated to celebrating and playing with the performativity of sexuality and gender, this epic closing party will kick off at 20:00 with a final scrumptious BBQ. Doors will then open at 22:00 (entry 5-10€) and the evening will continue with performances by Ran Chai Bar-zvi, DEAR US and live DJs sets with Zabi, Kidd Cassino Parker, Angel Funke, BodyBuildings, Sara Miller and Peter Power. As Frank Homeyer says: “Dance dance dance … dance”. We’ll surely do!
More information here:–leen-horsford.html

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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