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Fin La! La! La! Finlândia-Brasil: Experimento Live Art, August 9-18, 2013.

Fin La! La! La!  Finlândia-Brasil: Experimento Live Art. August 9-18, 2013

Sesc Pinheiros and The Museum of Modern Art (MAM), São Paulo

Performances at the Sesc Pinheiros
16:30 “Executed Stories” (Juha Valkeapää)
19:00 “Life in Bytom” (Tero Nauha)

17:30 “Parasitic” (Karolina Kucia)
19:30 “Executed Stories”

16:00 “Life in Bytom”
18:00 “Parasitic”

15:00 “Astronomer: experiment” (Nauha, CássioSantiago, Valkeapää)

11:00 “Perfect Shipwreck Tour” (ElisaBand, Kucia)


Events at the MAM
17-22 Performative Consequences and Affects: New Finnish Performance Arton Video and Video Art from the Collections of AV-arkki, the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art
Curated by Tero Nauha

17-18 Discussion about the live art with Elisa Band, Karolina Kucia, Tero Nauha, Cássio Santiago and Juha Valkeapää.
18:30-22 Performative Consequences and Affects

Produced by Sesc and MAM.
Producer: Rachel Brumana (Substância Produções).
The project has been supported by Frame Visual Art Finland, The Theatre Academy of Art University Finland, The FinnishEmbassy in Brazil and The SP Drama School – Development Center for Stage Arts in São Paulo.

More information andpress material: [email protected]

SESC Pinheiros
Rua Paes Leme, 195, CEP: 05424-150
Puh: (11) 3095.9400
[email protected]

Parque do Ibirapuera, Portão 3, CEP: 04094-050. 
Puh: (11) 5085-1300
[email protected]

Fin La! La! La! Finlândia-Brasil: Experimento Live Art
In August 2013 the Fin La! La! La! project present five live art projects and Finnish video art in São Paulo. These five performances are solo works and collaboration between the five artists. The video works present new Finnish video art from the collection of the AV-Arkki, The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art.

JuhaValkeapää presents his work Executed stories, which is a lecture-performance about the death penalty. Valkeapää tells life stories of executioners and executed people, and demonstrates execution methods. Tone of the performance is neutral and factual, with a touch of humour. And in the end there is the last meal!
ExecutedStories is co-producedby Baltic Circle together with international network SAMARA, with the supportfrom the Long-Term Network Mobility programme by the Nordic Council ofMinisters. It is being supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, PerformanceCenter Eskus Helsinki.

Karolina Kucia presents her work Parasitic, which is performance about relations that are unequal, interrupted and sometimes uncomfortable. It is performance about transformation of public to private. It is a performance about those relations that are not equal and will neverbecome. Performance is located on the border of performance space and public space. Parasitic is being supportedby The Arts Promotion Centre, Finland and Frame Visual Art Finland

Life in Bytom is a performance by TeroNauha, which has the subject of neoliberal transformation in the post-industrial town of Bytom in south-Poland. Bytom is not only a singular in this respect, but reflects the general changes in social, mental and political life, which has occurred in Europe in the past twenty years. Life in Bytom is part of Nauha’s doctoral research at the Theatre Academy of Art University in Helsinki.

Brazilian performance artists Elisa Band and Polish artist Karolina Kucia create a collaborative performance entitled The Perfect Shipwreck Tour.  The performance takes place during a bus tour in São Paulo. It is constructed on the co-lapses of narratives and bodies, times and places of Sao Paulo, Helsinki, St Petersburg, Poland. The performance is being supported by The Arts Promotion Centre, Finland and Frame Visual Art Finland

Nauha, Valkeapää and Brazilian dramaturge-director Cássio Santiago have created a performance Astronomer: experiment, which is loosely based on the collaboration between Antonin Artaud and Edgar Varèse from 1932. Astronomer is a metamodel of the astronomical, social and mental cosmologies of our times. In this durational performance, there is no linear structure to follow but alternating series of events, which contrast, juxtapose and augment each other. We ask in this piece,how is reality composed, and how can we recompose, decompose and annihilate this reality through the powers of performance? Astronomer is part of Nauha’s doctoral research at the TheatreAcademy of Art University in Helsinki.

Performative Consequences and Affects: New Finnish Performance Art on Video and Video Art from the Collections of AV-arkki, the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art.
Curated by Tero Nauha

This selection presents new video art from Finland from the last ten years. It presents works, which are either performances for camera or speculate on the use of performance or performative in them. The artists presented in this series are Anu Pennanen, Annette Arlander, Teemu Mäki, Pilvi Takala, Sasha Huber, Mikko Kuorinki, Jenni Hiltunen, Sami Sanpäkkilä, Elena Näsänen, Henna-Riikka Halonen, Helinä Hukkataival, Eeva-Mari Haikala, Maurice Blok and Pirjetta Brander, among others.
These short video-works are arranged in five different thematic chapters presented in three one-hour sessions. These themes include the non-human and human relationships,performance politics, relationship between sound and image in performance, the organizational performances and the becoming-something in performance.

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