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Opportunities: Glow Next presents first Open Call For Projects

Opportunities: Glow Next presents first Open Call For Projects


For the first time, GLOW NEXT (formerly known as GLOW-S), is writing out an Open Call for Projects this year. To lift the innovative spirit of the leading European light art festival GLOW to a higher level, international designers, light professionals, artists, developers and researchers are invited to participate. They are asked to submit a project proposal for a new and innovative light art work, relating to (the phenomenon of) light and interaction. The winning project will premier during GLOW NEXT, from 9 November until 16 November at Strijp-S in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

An expert jury, chaired by former Philips Electronics The Netherlands president Jan Post and consisting of GLOW-director Robbert ten Caten, light artist Daan Roosegaarde, creative entrepreneur Ted Langenbach and GLOW NEXT-curator Olga Mink will be judging all proposals.

A winner will be chosen by mid-August. The winner will be given the opportunity to execute their proposal. The budget for the project is 12,000 euro. Baltan Laboratories at the Natlab on Strijp-S (in Eindhoven, The Netherlands) will provide with a working space (free of charge) if the winning artist requires one. The winning work will premier during GLOW NEXT, at Strijp-S, from 9 November until 16 November.

Those who are interested are welcome to submit their proposal not later than 1 August 2013, by sending a (Vimeo) video presentation to

Like any playground, GLOW NEXT is a place to encounter and challenge new ideas, stories and experiences. Merging lighting technology, light and art, GLOW NEXT is building a community in which scientists, artists and industrialists inspire, interact and benefit from mutual expertise and experience. A place where experimentation and collaboration results in exceeding the borders of imagination. Capturing both the essence of light, now and in the near future.

At GLOW NEXT, light installations are not only being exhibited, they challenge you to interact and cocreate. Whether you are a technology professional or lighting enthusiast. GLOW NEXT strives to be an open playground for every innovative lighting initiative that strengthens the GLOW NEXT eco-system. Therefore, it also programs (in collaboration with its partners) several workshops, seminars and contextual conferences, to spark up imagination.

Further more, GLOW NEXT aims to connect the lighting industry to societal challenges like future lack of resources, healthcare issues, environmental problems and questions concerning ethics, safety and mobility. This mentality makes GLOW NEXT the international precursor of lighting solutions of the future.

GLOW NEXT is a playground for all light professionals and enthusiasts. Providing room for both experiment and wonderment. It is not about the players, it is about the ones who change the game. Never knowing beforehand whether your next step will result in either failure or success. In many ways the outcome is irrelevant. GLOW NEXT is for those among you who dare to leap, and explore new ground.

GLOW NEXT warmly invite makers, artists, engineers and designers to submit light work proposals for the GLOW NEXT OPEN CALL FOR PROJECTS 2013 before 1 August 2013.

• All submitted proposals will be judged by an expert jury.
• The jury will pick one winner, who will be given the chance to realize the proposed work.
• The winning work will premiere during GLOW NEXT 2013, from 9 November until 16 November.

GLOW NEXT is looking for submissions for new light art works that:
•  … explain something about the phenomenon of light,
•  … use light in a unique and/or innovative way,
•  … fit in with the theme ‘PLAYGROUND’,
•  … are suitable to operate outdoors (in all weather conditions) and – obviously – in the dark.
• The proposal should include a cost estimation, explaining how the project can be realized within a budget of 12,000 euro. This budget includes the maker’s fee / hours spent on building the project, as well as material costs.
• Contributors are welcome to submit a proposal as a collective. This will not, however, influence the budget.
• The proposal should clearly state how the work incorporates the following three values: innovative, creative, interactive.
• Projects that will realistically take more than 8 weeks to build will not be taken into account.
• Candidates from all over the globe are welcome to submit their proposal.

•  All works must be submitted by 1 August 2013.
• The jury will announce the winner by mid-August.
• The winner will have  10 weeks to build and test their work.
• Baltan Laboratories (located in the Natlab on Strijp-S, Eindhoven) will provide a workplace, if desired by the maker.

• Each proposal must be submitted as a video presentation using Vimeo, with a maximum duration of two minutes.
• The video presentation should include details on how the candidate addresses all criteria, with the exception of the cost estimation. The latter needs to be submitted as a single page pdf (A4).
• The proposal must also include a single page pdf (A4) with the following information:
– Title
– Concept
– Technical implementation
– Name, address, phone number, email address and a link to online portfolio/website/blog.
• All proposals must be submitted by email, at Be sure to mention SUBMISSION OPEN CALL in the subject.
• Please send any practical questions about this call to, using QUESTION in the subject.

An expert jury will judge the proposals:
• Jan Post, former president Philips Electronics The Netherlands (chairman)
• Olga Mink, curator GLOW NEXT and director Baltan Laboratories
• Robbert ten Caten, director GLOW
• Ted Langenbach, creative entrepreneur
• Daan Roosegaarde, artist and creative director Studio Roosegaarde

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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