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Opportunities: Weave – Fee Based Alternative Mass Arts Residency (Brussels)

Opportunities: Weave – Fee Based Alternative Mass Arts Residency (Brussels)

weave – an alternative mass arts residency
Brussels, 29 September – 07 October


Weave is born from a shared urge to develop platforms for artistic exchange, research and performance on a large scale. The main aim is to provide time and space for artists and dreamers to meet and work together under a clear artistic direction and within the frame of extended exploration and big-scale thinking. Weave is a nomadic project which is transposable and adaptable, and this run in Brussels marks its first edition.

At the end of September 2013, sixty  professional dance, theatre and performance artists from across the globe will come together for one week in a huge abandoned factory building in Brussels. They will meet and form a temporary community within which they will play, question,  and perform together in order to explore the interaction of improvisation and community.

Through workshops, labs, jams and public sharings, participants are challenged to deepen and question their own practices. Weave will also provide them an opportunity to meet and work with fellow artists and extend their networks. The project will be led by a team of professional artists whose work is committed to experimentation and who share a particular interest in improvised and site-responsive interdisciplinary performance.

Weave is looking for risk-taking, curious and involved professionals who are open to commit to an intense and exploratory process within an intricate community setting. If you are up for diving into a truly introspective and badabooming quest, apply now.

Weave will invade an abandoned factory building of 13’000 m2 standing in a northern neighbourhood of Brussels, where many artistic venues  such as the Kaai Theater, Dans Centrum Jette and Studio Hybrid are located.

Over the past fifty years, the building stood mainly abandoned. It has recently been taken over by artist collective Rapa Nui, who have been granted temporary usage rights as a transitional solution. Taking advantage of this particular situation Weave is collaborating with Rapa Nui in order to blow some life into the building and provide fellow artists access to a space for experimenting and playing. Weave intends to both use the venue and its amazing capacities, as well as invest in the improvement of its infrastructure.
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The Team: Antoine Dutrieu, Rebeca FL, David Lakein, Kathrin Yvonne Bigler, Xavier Lucy, Tash Ver\

Your Contribution

A full availability from 29 September (arrival day) to 07 October (departure day)

Your involvement and good mood

€190 if paid in full at receipt of invitation.

€220 if paid in two instalments (€100 at invitation, €120 at residency)

Weave’s Contribution
Space and time to experiment within a temporary community of fellow artists

Two intensive workshops led by Rebeca FL & Kathrin Yvonne Bigler (Bottlefed) and David Lakein (LakeinWorkshops)

Spacious but basic accommodation at the factory (bring a sleeping bag and mat)

Full board (three vegan meals per day)

Video/Photo documentation of the residency

The residency will last for 7 full days and is split into three main parts:

Days 1-3:  Training and development of the performer and ensemble through the workshops led by David Lakein and
Bottlefed. Evenings will be dedicated to framed improvisation jams where you can explore the material of the
workshops and/or your own ideas and appetites freely.

Days 4-6:  Exploration, development and performance of artistic material through labs proposed by participants. Some of the
resulting performances will be opened to the public.

Day 7:       Public sharing of the week’s activities, findings, experiments.

The whole process will be supervised throughout by this edition’s lead artist David Lakein along with the core team, to both ensure its coherence with the artistic framing while keeping it adaptable to the residency’s day-by-day developments.

The two intensive workshops aim to explore different methodologies and to challenge you to lay off your individual habits, codes and safety nets you have built up throughout your artistic trajectory. Improvisation, as one of the main research channels, will help us to explore numerous questions regarding stage arts: the presence of the performer in action, the interaction with the audience and with their partners, the conceptualization of images or ideas, the interaction with the environment (in the case of a site-responsive performance), etc.

We encourage participants to suggest an idea for a lab (see application form) related to the topics of community and improvisation as stated in the intention, and which they would like to lead during the second part of the residency. These labs will be an opportunity for the group to work on different proposals from participants and facilitators alike, and simultaneously present a chance for the “proposers” to have their work investigated and explored by fellow practitioners within a safe and constructive environment.

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