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Opportunities: Call For Proposals Imagetanz 2014 (Vienna, Austria)

Opportunities: Call For Proposals Imagetanz 2014 (Vienna, Austria)

A festival for choreography, performance and care 


Open call for artistic projects to be realized as part of imagetanz 2014 at brut Wien.

imagetanz festival is a platform for radical and playful proposals, interested in finding the moment when choreography and society clash, ideally with the greatest willingness to take risks. Acting as a support structure for local artistic production for over 20 editions, imagetanz is eager to explore different means of support and for the first time in its history, announces an open call for proposals for emerging artists living and working in Austria.

Alongside international guest performances and cooperations, projects selected through the call will form the core of the festival program.

A call for solidarity or a manifest of indifference? 

With the double-edged motto WHO CARES? imagetanz invites artists to explore the notion of care and the act of caring. Who cares and what do we care about in contemporary cultural production?

Care is an almost unquestioned part of our everyday lives, present in various forms, from the institutionalized to the intimate. Worldwide surveys of health care and social services show that Austria, and especially Vienna, rank high in caring, providing citizens with universal care. At the same time precarious working conditions, a rapidly aging population and growing social inequity are hot topics across Europe, exposing the loopholes of the system and putting care and care work at the center of these debates. Against the backdrop of access to care, the care for the self and for the body are also important intimate and public affairs.

What do artists have to do with care? Do they offer consolation, healing and tenderness to the public? Can they trigger new dynamics of social exchange? By exploring personal issues, tactile physical relationships and emphatic practices, can they create new forms, attitudes and situations of caring and thus question, subvert or re-imagine current individual and social practices?

Addressing super-cynics and devoted carers alike, imagetanz welcomes proposals in any format, with an essentially performative approach. Alongside new creations, the festival supports artistic research, as well as residencies in organisations associated with care. In this case, a public presentation or a work-in-progress showing will take place during the festival.

How to apply
The call is open to artists from all disciplines, living and working in Austria.
Projects can be proposed for both brut venues (Künstlerhaus, Konzerthaus), public spaces or other special locations in Vienna.

Submit your proposal: 

  • project description, including technical conditions, max. 3 pages
  • budget proposal max. 1 page
  • personal details, short CV, portfolio

Deadline: 15 September 2013 

Selection process
Projects will be selected by brut artistic team with the collaboration of an advisory board of experts from related fields.
Selected projects will be announced early October 2013.

Each selected project will receive: 

  • production/research budget from brut
  • rehearsal possibility at brut (Zieglergasse)
  • mentoring and support in the production process

Participants have to be available for: 

  • mentoring and production period
  • presentation of their projects during imagetanz festival (3-23 March 2014)


Please submit your proposal as pdf document via e-mail.
Applications can be submitted in German and English language.

Katalin Erdödi
Curator/Artistic direction imagetanz
Koproduktionshaus Wien GmbH
Karlsplatz 5 ⋅ A-1010 Wien 

Copyright Bild „who cares“: Katharina Arndt,

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