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Opportunities: Dance Residency at L’L (Brussels, BE)

Opportunities: Dance Residency at L’L (Brussels, BE)

Application for residency

L’L is based on a simple but unequivocal principle: there is a radical incompatibility between the imperatives of production and freedom of research.

Therefore, those proposals which are too close to production issues or already have a creation date will be systematically rejected. In the same logic, L’L residency research projects for which a creation date might fall during the process, will have their residency questioned.

In practical terms, the application dossier aims to highlight theissues/questions/research wishes, while including the CV or biography of the carrier(s) of this research project. Applications can be send to

L’L can only accommodate a limited number of residents. The period residents spend at L’L is neither fixed nor time-limited.

The next deadlines for submission of applications are:
September 25, 2013 (with response in the month of October 2013)

About L’L

Founded in Brussels in 1990, L’L has, from day one, firmly supported emerging artists.

Since January 2008, L’L is no longer a performance venue, but a place for research and support, exclusively dedicated to emerging artists.

However, L’L and/or its partners also regularly host events for the public at large: the VRAK Festival (Brussels) and FOCUS L’L (at partners venues).

L’L resident artists are selected on the basis of an application file in which candidate applicants give a detailed description of their research project, explain why they embarked on it and why they seek support from L’L.

Thanks to a partnership with the municipality of Ixelles (in the Brussels-Capital Region), L’L has several workspaces in various local institutions at its disposal. Other partnerships in Belgium and abroad offer plenty of scope for a further expansion of these facilities.

Concretely speaking, L’L focuses on four, interlinked, key areas and offers support in a certain chronological order.


Restricted to resident artists, the L’L research process is subdivided into three stages: the try-out stage, the worksite stage and the presentation stage.

The whole project is built on a commitment to bring about concrete dialogue between the artists, L’L and, at times, also external experts so as to encourage reflection, debate and dispense with any preconceptions.

Following the try-out stage, all parties concerned then jointly decide whether the process is worth pursuing.

The work and presentation stages are divided into several sessions of three weeks maximum, with a break of at least one month between each session.

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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