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Opportunities: danceWEB Scholarships at IMPULSTANZ (Vienna)

Opportunities: danceWEB Scholarships at IMPULSTANZ (Vienna)

danceWEB Scholarships
5 week further training program taking place every year in July

DEADLINE: December 13, 2013, noon CET


The Scholarship Programme is a 5 week further training program taking place every year in July – August in Vienna within the frame of IMPULSTANZ – Vienna International Dance Festival.

The Programme offers around 65 young professional dancers and choreographers from mainly European but also from non European countries the possibility to take part in an intense multinational further training programme.

The programme focuses on the exchange of ideas and knowledge, not limited by national borders, on concentrated further training, on meeting with internationally renowned artists gathering in Vienna at ImPulsTanz with the aim to orient the career of the participants.

In order to achieve both its educational and artistic goals, the Scholarship Programme is supervised each year by artistic mentors selected amongst dance personalities, who have played a decisive part on an international level in the development of contemporary dance in recent years.

Over 800 young professional dancers and choreographers from over 70 countries have been part of this programme since its creation in 1996.

A scholarship includes the following free services:

  • participation in the Research Projects of ImPulsTanz (Pro Series & Field Projects)
  • participation in the technique workshops of ImPulsTanz (190 workshops by 90 teachers)
  • free admission to all performances of ImPulsTanz
  • free access to the 300 awarded dance film videos as well as to the screenings of documentations and to the dance film productions of artists and companies who perform at ImPulsTanz
  • exchange of ideas and contact with the international teachers and choreographers of ImPulsTanz
  • special projects exclusively offered to danceWEB scholarship holders
  • representation in the yearly growing, international danceWEB-database
  • lecture demonstrations & talks
  • free accommodation

The scholarship does not include travel and per diem expenses

application information

Where can I get an idea of the Scholarship Programme, what it will be like, to measure whether this programme contributes to my further development / is a perfect contribution to my momentarily situation?
You can find all the important information on our website WWW.LIFELONGBURNING.EU. In the section Scholarship – Scholarship Recipients you will find a list with all former danceWEBers who have written a report about their experience during the Scholarship Programme. These reports can give you an inside perspective of how the scholarship programme will be like, how they experienced it, how they felt about it. If you want to know more about it you can contact them by their e-mail addresses.The working language is English!

How do I apply?
We do only accept applications through our online application tool, available through this website by mid October 2013. The application will be open until December 13, 2013, noon CET.

What does the application consist of?
The application consists of an application form (pdf) that you need to download from the website, fill in and upload again to the website.

This application form consists of 4 parts:
1.)   Personal Data
2.)   Artistic Career (Education/Further Training/Performance activities)
3.)   Artistic Statement (English)

You have to upload the application form together with the further following documents (Allowed file formats are: doc, rtf, pdf or jpg. Max. filesize is 1MB):
3 recommendation letters (English)
2 recent photos (portrait & dance photo)
current Curriculum Vitae (English)

What do you expect from my artistic statement?
Please describe yourself, your artistic way of working; what does distinguish you as an artist; why do you want to take part in the Scholarship Programme and what do you expect, what you like to get from this Programme and what you are ready to give. These are only guidelines; you can arrange your statement in whatever way you consider it suitable for presenting yourself. Please do not write more than 3500 characters (i.e. approx. one page or 500 words). The artistic statement has to be in English.

Who can write a recommendation letter?
Recommendation letters can be written by choreographers or other dance artists you have worked with, teachers or professors who have accompanied you for a certain period or who have experienced you in your way of working. The more these people are familiar with the Scholarship Programme the better as they can measure what will be coming up to you, with what you will be confronted. (Former WEBers and artistic mentors usually have the best experience!) The recommendation letters have to be in English.

How many recommendation letters can I attach, in which format and do they have to be originally signed?
In order to give everyone the same conditions in the application process you can attach three recommendations max. Please try to attach them as a PDF files. Normally a recommendation letter covers no more than one page. They don’t have to be originally signed.

How many photos can I attach and what kind of photos should they be?
In order to give everyone the same conditions in the application process you can attach at most 2 photos. You should attach one portrait and one dance photo.

In which format and size shall I attach the photos?
Please try to attach them as a PDF or JPG files. Generally attachments shall not exceed 1MB file size. Please do not send photos in a word document.

What do I do when I can‘t attach the required documents?
If you have problems with attaching your documents please have a look at the questions above and check whether you have used the required size and formats. If it still doesn‘t work please contact us via email at SCHOLARSHIP(AT)DANCEWEB.EU

What do I do when I can’t send my application due to technical reasons?
Don‘t panic and send us an email explaining your problem as clear as possible. We will try to solve it and get back to you as soon as possible. 

How do I know if my application has been successfully submitted?
Your application has been successfully submitted when you’re automatically redirected to the confirmation page! Further, the receipt of your application will be confirmed via e-mail. If you do not receive an e-mail a few days after the deadline, please contact our office to verify that your application has been received.


Photo: danceWEB Scholarship Programme 2011 © Hanna Bauer

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