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Opportunities: Call For Proposals – Kortrijk Congé 2014 (Belgium/International)

Opportunities: Call For Proposals – Kortrijk Congé 2014 (Belgium/International)


Arts Center BUDA, De Kreun and vzw Wit.h are looking for ideas, concrete projects and proposals to build a temporary, possible, different, novel, parallel city that will be temporarily inhabited by 2,000 ‘new citizens’ during the festival Kortrijk Congé 2014 (Sat 12> Sun 13/07/14)

This call (made in the frame of the Canvas TV programme Atelier de stad) is open to all artists, urban planners, social designers, political scientists, architects and creative citizens, with or without training or experience, alone or collectively.


WHAT IT we could completely start over and reinvent ‘a city’?

HOW would we want to live together?
HOW would we eat, work, sleep, play, learn, communicate?
HOW would we produce and transport food?
HOW would we create and present art?
HOW would we relax and party?
HOW would we guard our privacy?
WHAT would such a newly invented city look like?

Let’s actually try out all these proposal ideas, even if only for 25 hours!
Let’s agree in advance to actually inhabit this temporary city with about 2,000 citizens!

HOW funny would that be?
And HOW serious do we take this challenge?

Do you have ideas for the design of a possible, novel, parallel city that is to be temporarily inhabited?

Formulate concrete projects and proposals:
– artistic, social, political, economic, ecological or scientific in nature;
– useful or useless, practical or poetic;
– based on the existing or imaginary ‘functions’ of a city.


– creative citizens, artists, urban planners, social designers, political scientists or architects, with or without training or experience, individually or collectively;
– the project applicants will, following their selection, realise their project themselves, and will be provided with customized support;
– the project applicants realise their project on-site during a joint ‘workshop’ held between
1 – 11/07/14 and present their realisation on 12 + 13/07/14, during the festival ‘Kortrijk Congé’.


will be held from 1 to 11/07/14 in Kortrijk, in a section of the city that will also become the location for ‘Kortrijk Congé. The precise location will be communicated at a later time. Camping is available nearby during the workshop.


The projects are supervised by a team of (scientific and artistic) experts in the fields of the performing arts, music, multimedia, the visual arts, architecture and urban renewal.


Dutch, French and English.


This temporary, possible, different, novel, parallel city will be open to the public for 25 hours during the ‘Kortrijk Congé’ event, ​where it will be ‘experienced’ by some 2.000 visitors, from Sat 12/07/14 (12:07 P.M.) until Sun 13/07/14 (13:07 P.M.).


– All applications must be submitted via the registration form and must reach us no later than 15/01/14.
– A pre-selection will be held by the organizers of Kortrijk Congé (the joint artistic and production staff of Arts Centre BUDA, De Kreun and vzw Wit.h).
– The final judging is done by a selection committee, which includes both the organizers and a group of at least four external experts (scientific or from specific fields). The names of the jury members will be announced ASAP.
– The selection is made on the basis of the following criteria:

  • the quality of the idea / concept / project as a possible recalibration of the term ‘city’
  • compatibility with other proposals, which together should form a temporary, possible, different, novel, parallel city
  • feasibility of the realisation within the time frame of the workshop (1-11/07/14)
  • feasibility of the realisation within the limited resources of Kortrijk Congé
  • the possibility to present the project (continuously or frequently repeating) to an audience of 2,000 spectators / participants / ‘fellow citizens of the temporary city’ for a duration of 25 hours

– The list of selected projects will be published on this website as of 31/01/14.
– There will be no further communication concerning the final decision of the jury.
– The selected candidates will receive an invitation for an initial consultation on the realization of their project in early February 2014.


– kunstencentrum BUDA, Kapucijnenstraat 10, 8500 Kortrijk –
> Kristof Jonckheere – – +32 56 22 10 01
– De Kreun, Conservatoriumplein 1, 8500 Kortrijk –
> Tom Vangheluwe – – +32 56 37 06 44
– vzw Wit.h, Overleiestraat 1, 8500 Kortrijk –
> Luc Vandierendonck – – +32 479 91 16 71

Information session(s) for those who have questions or want more background information:
– Tue 17/12/13 at 15:00 and 20:00 P.M. in Budascoop, Kapucijnenstraat 10, Kortrijk
– register (name and phone number) via by 15/12/13

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