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Opportunities: Art in Odd Places 2014 Open Call (NYC)

Opportunities: Art in Odd Places 2014 Open Call (NYC)
Art in Odd Places 2014: FREE
Deadline: April 5


AiOP invites proposals for its tenth annual public art and performance festival, taking place from October 9-12, 2014, along 14th Street in Manhattan, from Avenue C to the Hudson River. We welcome disciplinary diversity: visual/ installation, performance, time-based media, virtual/gaming work, online-IRL hybrids, and others. We encourage projects that explore this location’s history and heterogeneity, and that actively engage the public realm. This year’s theme is FREE: Open. Autonomy. Gift. Independent. Unoccupied. Commons. Wild. Nothing. Everything.

Buy one get one free. Free culture. Free love. Free market. Free your mind. Free to be you and me. Free rights. Free Winona. Free thought. Fat free. The best things in life are free. 100%. Free of charge. Let freedom ring. Free labor. Free beer. Free Tibet. Freedom fighter. Free economy. Freebird. Free download. Freewheeling. Free speech. Free will. Free dollar. Free store. Freedom Tower. Free time. Free hugs. Free spirit. Free country. Free range. Freebee. Freestanding. Freeload. Carefree. Free radical. Scott free. Freebase. Freeway. Freehand. Free agent. Freelance. Freestyle. Free as a bird. Freemason. Free at last! Free form. Live free or die.

Cliick here to APPLY for FREE or visit the AiOP website ( for more information.

About Art in Odd Places (AiOP):

Art in Odd Places (AiOP) presents visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces. AiOP also produces an annual festival along 14th Street in Manhattan, NYC from Avenue C to the Hudson River each October.

Art in Odd Places aims to stretch the boundaries of communication in the public realm by presenting artworks in all disciplines outside the confines of traditional public space regulations. AiOP reminds us that public spaces function as the epicenter for diverse social interactions and the unfettered exchange of ideas.

(source: AiOP Press Release)

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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