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Opportunities: Participate In SQUART During The FUSEBOX Festival (Austin, TX)

Opportunities: Participate In SQUART During The FUSEBOX Festival (Austin, TX)

Wednesday April 23, 2014
The North Door
502 Brushy St., Austin, Texas 78702
MAKE THE WORK! 530-8 p.m
DOORS: 8 p.m

This mess of a happening is coming your way AUSTIN… and NEEDS YOU TO PARTICIPATE! do it. sign up info below!

SQUART says “Get your ass on stage, be spontaneous, short-circuit the forces of habit and expectation in the face of the dominant order, celebrate this space of not knowing to make something strange together!”-Jeremy Wade, SQUART Berlin Celebrity Judge 01/14

CelebrityJudges: CHRISTEENE, Deborah Hay, Shawn Sides, Curran Nault, Erin Boberg Doughton, and more…
Created by Larry/Laura Arrington
Co-produced at Fusebox by the House of ia

Instigated as a DIY project, SQUART (Spontaneous Queer Art) is an attempt to queer typical notions of competition, economy, and scarcity through cultivating/questioning/engaging practices of collaboration, community, and ACTION via a gorgeous/wild/sexy/stupid/smart performance framed through a usurped imitation of the reality TV show. It is wild and fun and strange and invites EVERYONE to jump in and participate.

SQUART (Spontaneous Queer ART), is a platform for performance/collaboration created by San Francisco performance-maker, Larry/Laura Arrington in 2010. Since it’s inception, SQUART has happened 9 times and has included over 250 participating artists. SQUART gathers performers to create work in a few short hours. An open call is made, folks sign up, those folks/performers/artists show up a few hours before the show, are divided into random teams, given a list of criteria and a few hours to make a piece. That work is then performed for an audience and judged by a team of “celebrity” judges. Register to perform or just come and watch the madness!


(please include your name, email, phone number and how you found out about SQUART. We’ll send you all the deets).

“SQUART is a one of kind event that gathers disparate citizens and commandeers them into an instant, vibrant and creative community in the service of immediate, smart and publicly invested art and performance. It is a much needed injection of fun and intention and group problem solving that draws on the longstanding legacy of radical queer invention. I love it.” -Miguel Gutierrez, Celebrity Judge 07/13

“Why isn’t all art made this way?” -Rob Avila, Celebrity Judge (SF Bay Guardian)

“I fucking love it! It’s like Iron Chef for performing artists. SQUART is a fantastically fun framework onto/through which good chaos makes a really amazing range of horrendous and incredible art. A dream antidote to formulaic performance with enough clarity and focus to avoid total slop as well.” -Annie Danger, 2 time performer

“Real Queers Don’t Prepare.” -Philip Huang, 3 time SQUART performer

(Source – Squart Facebook)
Image: These Colors Don’t Run. Annie Danger
SQUART. San Francisco
Photo by © Robbie Sweeny.

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