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◊ MPA-B 2014 | MAY 3 ROUND-UP ◊


What a day! Yesterday the Inauguration of the MPA-HUB at the DingDongDom was brilliant. We auctioned 27 objects which will be used by performance artists during the course of May, during a fiercely fought and enthusiastic bidding war. Well done to the bidders for getting your very unique piece of performance art work which will be transformed and handed over to you with a certificate of originality at the end of MPA-B 2014 on May 30th! But for now…what’s ON today? Quite a lot actually. So read on and enjoy this gorgeous sunny day with us.

Starting in approx 15 min at 10:00am at Meinblau e.V and running until 20:00, over 20 artists will take part in a 10-hour long reading of Derrida’s “The Animal That Therefore I Am.” This collective reading in English, French and German will be also streamed LIVE. For livestream links please check Giraff Graff facebook page and here:

Head to Alexanderplatz to see Aleks Slota in the first of a four-part performance series of rebirth and cleansing or what he calls “a disordering of belief structures.”

Meanwhile starting at 14:00 and going on until the evening at the MPA-HUB at the DingDongDom, Co-Labourer Dovrat Meron begins her TRANSLINGUALITY/TRANSNATIONALITY series with panels, readings and performances. The series brings together performance artists, authors and translators that live in several countries and languages and that seeks to integrate creative and critical concerns. Some of the invited participants live between two or more countries, hold more than one nationality and speak two languages as mother tongues, other cut and paste their life and re-edit their biographies.

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Caden Manson is Editor In Chief and Curator of Contemporary Performance Network and co-founder and artistic director of Big Art Group, a New York City performance company founded in 1999.
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