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Opportunities: Open Call – Young theatre companies wanted! Ruhrtriennale (Germany)

Opportunities: Open Call –  Young theatre companies wanted! Ruhrtriennale (Germany)


Application deadline: 5th April 2015

The Ruhrtriennale in collaboration with Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, Schauspiel Essen and Theater Oberhausen invites young theatre artists to reflect their own artistic visions in the context of a masterclass, to develop these further in exchange with fellow artists and to present them as projects within the programme of the Ruhrtriennale.

Young theatre companies may apply to take part in the masterclass; former participants in the Campus programme (since 2012) are particularly welcome to form teams and submit a concept together. The target group comprises emerging artists still in education or training (e.g. as part of a theatre directing course), recent graduates or those currently starting a professional career. The Ruhrtriennale wishes to promote emerging theatre artists and to support interdisciplinary working methods.

The aim is to realise a performance (max. 60 minutes) on the theme “Unter Welten” (“Under Worlds”) and to present this as part of Campustriennale on 12th and 13th September 2015. The title “Under Worlds” summarizes the thematic lines of the current Ruhrtriennale season, which founds creation myths, digs deep down into history, traces the power of memory and descends down to primary causes, primal fears and those who live at the bottom of society. “Under Worlds” encompasses all this: the despised and the excluded, the past, the hidden and the buried. – A total of three young theatre companies will be invited to investigate these themes within their own works. What does it mean to reveal layers of human existence?  Or to look at it the other way around: to conceal things and people, to suppress and exclude them?

The projects will be realised and presented in the spaces of the collaborating institutions Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, Schauspiel Essen or Theater Oberhausen. These institutions will provide the project teams with logistical support during the rehearsal period consisting of staff together with the use of workshops and technical equipment. For all remaining costs (materials, fees etc.), each of the three teams will receive a production budget (max. 5.000 Euro) to be administered by the artists in consultation with the relevant collaborating institution after submission of a financial plan.

The projects will also receive dramaturgical coaching from the teams of the Ruhrtriennale and the collaborating partners as well as internationally renowned artists. In addition the participants may attend Ruhrtriennale performances subject to availability.

For the three week duration of the masterclass participants (max. six people per team) will receive accommodation (in multiple occupancy units), travel expenses (up to 100 Euro per person), per diems (24 Euros per person per day for 22 days with half days for arrival and departure) and refund of a monthly ticket for public transportation in the festival region (VRR “Ticket1000 9 Uhr”, price category D South region, at 121.30 Euro per person).

Duration: 24th August – 14th September 2015

Interested project teams should apply by post or email including the following:

– detailed project description, making clear its relevance to the theme “Under Worlds”
– draft timetable or rehearsal schedule
– draft budget
– biographies of the participating artists
– samples of work (DVDs or weblinks, photos etc.) and/or letter of recommendation

Application deadline: 5th April 2015

Contact: Ruhrtriennale, Campustriennale Masterclass, Vasco Boenisch, Leithestraße 35, 45886 Gelsenkirchen,


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