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Opportunities: LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award & Residency *fee (Italy)

Opportunities: LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award & Residency *fee (Italy)


Performance Act Award_Vol. 3 | Call for Application
DEADLINE midnight on the 12th May 2015

The prize LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award includes a creative residency period, for nine selected projects.

LIVE WORKS sees performance as a work space, and as an instrument and cultural exercise. The prize is unique in its particular attention to hybrid research, underlining the openness and fluidity of performance, its social and political implications and its level of public understandability. The competition is open to a wide range of emerging performative actions, including: media arts, lecture performances, task performances, text-based performances and multimedia storytelling, relational practices and workshop-based projects, flash mobs, politically engaged and activist project, experience design, fashion design and relational urbanism.

LIVE WORKS is a platform dedicated to live contemporary practices that contribute to deepening and broadening the idea of performance, following the current evolution of performance and its styles. This platform aims to measure the concreteness of performance art in the real world, investigating the double of nature of LIVE – in person and alive – highlighting those moments in which performance integrates with the dynamics of life.

Created by Centrale Fies, in collaboration with Viafarini, the LIVE WORKS platform includes: LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award, The Free School of Performance, Centrale Fies Performance Art Collection.

Artists and professionals from any geographic location can enter the competition, as individuals or in groups, with a single project. The competition only accepts unpublished or long-term projects that need to be developed and/or concluded, for which participation would represent a continuing or final chapter.

The nine projects selected by LIVE WORKS will be invited to participate in a production residency at Centrale Fies from 1st to the 10th July 2015, during which the will be awarded a budget of € 800,00 to produce their performance. The production of the performance projects during the residency will be supported by diverse types of curatorship, from theoretical to technical development.

During the residency phase, Centrale Fies will provide a technician and a production manager to assist the artists as they develop the selected projects. The residency phase is an essential part of the development of the competition and the selected projects.

In the event that the residency cannot be carried out in the period indicated in the competition announcement, it is possible to organize alternative forms of residency. The proposal for an alternative residency must be justified by the typology and characteristics of the projects presented.

The performances produced will be presented during the 35th edition of the Drodesera Festival of Performing Arts. On this occasion, the nine finalists will be evaluated by a jury who will select the winner.

The winning artist will be offered the possibility of an additional residency phase at Centrale Fies and a € 1000,00 prize (net).

Artists who intended to participate must:

1. Fill in the online participation form here or find it on

2. Attach their portfolio, including a personal statement and curriculum vitae. Required format: .pdf. Accepted languages: english, italian. The documentary material must be contained in a single compressed folder, no bigger than 10mb.

3. Attach a description of the performance project to be developed during the residency period. The description should include an abstract (max. 1000 characters / three A4 pages, including photos, images) in .pdf format. Accepted languages: english, italian. The documentary material must be contained in a single compressed folder, no bigger than 10mb.

4. Attach links to any audiovisual material. Accepted formats: .avi, .mov, mpeg, mp4, mp3.
Accepted languages: all. The material must be contained in an external server (vimeo, YouTube, other) with the link and any necessary password provided.

5. Pay a € 24,00 registration fee, which partially covers the administrative costs, via on-line form ( or bank transfer.

6. Only for participants resident in Italy: send a hard copy of your portfolio to Viafarini, Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4, 20154 – Milan, with the envelope clearly labelled “LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award”. The sent portfolio should be accompanied by the Viafarini archive form, duly filled in, downloadable at the following address: *1

Registration for participation must be sent by midnight on the 12th May 2015. Candidates who submit after this deadline will not be accepted. The postmarked date of the hardcopy will be taken as the date of submission.

For participants, who are resident in Italy, registration for prize will result in an automatic registration in the Viafarini portfolio archive. Those artists already registered with the Viafarini archive are asked to please send an updated portfolio1.

During the residency period, the organisation will cover room and board costs. No daily allowance is provided for. Transport costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum of € 200,00 for each of the projects selected. For foreign candidates, Centrale Fies and Viafarini will seek to provide a letter of invitation for eventual applications for a grant or mobility fellowship.

The selection will be conducted in two phases: the nine projects finalists will be adjudicated by the competition organization. The nine selected finalists will agree to the residency phase and will be successively exhibited on the evening of 27th, 28th and 29th July 2015.

Three projects will be presented on each day. Each evening will be compered by a different host, who will propose they own performance, in relation to the three projects exhibited over the course of the evening. On the conclusion of the third day of presentations, the winner of the third edition of the LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award will be announced. During the LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award days, the jury will be actively involved in private and public meetings in order to allow the LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award Vol.3 team, artists and curators, to deepen some important steps processed by the performance offered to the public.

*1 For artists who already updated their portfolio during 2014, please ensure that it has been updated after 1 November 2014.

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