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Almanac 2016: Agnes Btffn (Flørli, Norway)

Almanac 2016: Agnes Btffn (Flørli, Norway)

#Fifl – Figures for landscapes – Nablus Palestine Adnan/Osama
FIGURES FOR LANDSCAPE is a “live” sculpture project based on Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture «Figure for landscape» It is a performance project inspired by the sculpture FIGURE FOR LANDSCAPE by the british artist Barbara Hepworth. The owner KUNSTHALL STAVANGER, sold it June 25 2014. The sale created chaos in the population of Stavanger, the Norwegian town well known for being the oil capital of the north. Among the most disappointed persons were artists and specialist in the art field. Other artists and people interested in contemporary art supported the sale, though reluctantly : after a fastidious work over several years to find sponsors to strengthen the economy of KUNSTHALL STAVANGER, a project to give new energy to the 150 years old art institution earlier called Stavanger kunstforening «Stavanger’s Art association”, the leadership decided to sell the most valuable sculpture in town. Today only the base of the sculpture is left. The performance is participative, the public are the performers following instructions given below: How to #Fifl with your friends ? You take a base, a friend or two and together you create a figure which reminds us of Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture FIGURE FOR LANDSCAPE. With your feet standing together on the base, make your bodies create a figure which slips the landscapes through open spaces. Observe carefully how the figure is joined on the base and at it’s top. The live “sculpture” is photographed and like in Hepworth’s FIGURE FOR LANDSCAPE, one can see the landscape through it in the picture. It is therefore important with open spaces.

Production History:
“#Fifl – Figures for landscapes” is a new project created in 2014 presented on Facebook as it develops and various small places like “KK – Kverulant katedral” a debate program at Sting in Stavanger, and in Flørli Norway.


Artistic Statement:
Agnes Btffn is born in Jarnac, France and studied at the Norwegian Art Academy of Oslo in 1981/84 and 1990/92. In 1985/88 and 1990/91 she was apprentice/student and technical associate at the Printshop of Rogaland Artists Association (BKFR), Stavanger, Norway Agnes Btffn’s fokus is Crossover performance projects involving printmaking, installation, photo/video, sculpture with social /existential contexts and participations of the “public”… “An existential tension passes through all of artwork by Agnès Btffn, who tries to unsettle what is complacent and celebrate vitality, and an awareness of our presence in the world. Btffn invites us to rediscover the path of becoming aware of our relationships to things, our relationship to each other and our relationships to the world. Through a new ritual, she invites us to discover the mystic nature of existence, to engage in mystical experimentation and seek, for ourselves, beyond the established, settled and disembodied dogmas.” from the text “Gravity and grace” by Sylvain Berland written for the installation and workshop “ÅÅÅ e dive in the universe” Haugesund 2008






Photo by: Agnes Btffn

This post is part of a series of profiles on performance and performance makers from this year’s book, Contemporary Performance Almanac 2016, an overview of contemporary performance presented during the 2014/2015 season available for touring now. If you would like to be apart of next year’s book, Contemporary Performance Almanac 2017, you can join the project here. 


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