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Almanac 2016: Little Lord (Brooklyn, United States)

Almanac 2016: Little Lord (Brooklyn, United States)

Sure, you cried when you watched the animated classic Bambi…but how well do you know the real story? Little Lord uncovers just what lies behind those beloved doe eyes in BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEHAUS, a madcap examination of early 20th century Vienna and of the forgotten artist behind both the world’s most beloved deer, as well as its most scandalous piece of pornography. Copious amounts of coffee, the birth of psychoanalysis, sexualized rabbits, The Sound of Music, and Zionism all come together in Little Lord’s makeshift, pop-up Viennese café. Your childhood will thank you. BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEEHAUS is based on an unlikely duo of works by the Viennese-Jewish author Felix Salten: the pornographic faux memoir, “Josefine Mutzenbacher, The Life Story of a Viennese Whore,” and his arguably more famous novel, “Bambi, A Life in the Woods.” Staged in an immersive style, BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEEHAUS audiences become café goers and feast on a fine spread of nostalgic American treats inspired by the storied cafés of Vienna. Complete with coffee specialties (read: Nescafe) and authentic Austrian pastries (read: Toaster Strudel). The world premiere of BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEEHAUS was a New York Times Critic’s Pick, and performed to sold-out houses. “The zany company Little Lord whips on its long apron, flips a napkin over its arm and serves up a nicely realized bit of perverse wackadoodle frivolity…Surely it will touch something in you that will wriggle with pleasure.” – Time Out New York Please contact for video password.

Production History:
The Brick Theater, Brooklyn, NY


Artistic Statement:
Little Lord is a Brooklyn-based theater company that produces vibrantly bawdy, irreverent, intelligent, queer, funny (and often musical) theater. Focusing on offbeat adaptations of classic or neglected texts, Little Lord plunders the theatrical canon in order to forge new plays from old parts. Bridging the gap between mainstream (narrative-driven) and formally challenging theater, Little Lord’s work has been praised as “thought-provoking,” “fearless in its weirdness,” and “scrappy creative brilliance.” Founded in 2007, Little Lord has developed and premiered eight original productions at venues throughout New York City, including: “BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEEHAUS” (Brick Theater, Brooklyn, 2015), “Pocahontas, and/or AMERICA” (Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn, 2013), “Babes in Toyland” (Brick Theater, Brooklyn, 2011; OHIO Theatre Ice Factory, NYC, 2009), “JEWQUEEN” (UNDER St Marks, NYC, 2011), “(oh my god I am so) THIRST(y)” (Incubator Arts Project, NYC, 2010; Chocolate Factory Theater, Long Island City, 2009), “BALABUSTAS, a queer yiddishkeit Thesmophoriazusae” (HERE Arts Center, NYC, 2007), and “The Barbesteia: Curse of the House of Malibu” (OHIO Theatre, NYC, 2007) Praise for Little Lord: “There are darker currents sweeping under, and occasionally subsuming, the campy surfaces in which Little Lord traffics.” — New York Times on “BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEHAUS” (Critic’s Pick) “To call Little Lord’s work ambitious is an understatement. It is fearless in its weirdness.” — Tablet Magazine






Photo by: Whitney G-Bowley

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