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Almanac 2016: Maíra Santos (Lisbon, Portugal)

Almanac 2016: Maíra Santos (Lisbon, Portugal)

Outlines of a practice of love (Contornos de uma prática de amor)
Outlines of a practice of love (Contornos de uma prática de amor) was a result of a series of artistic residencies made in Lisbon (Casa do Brasil de Lisboa and Olga Roriz Studio). My interest was to work the relationship between soundscape, objects and dance, basically to create choreography with space for improvisation. As methodology I worked through authentic movement. Little by little I discovered that the piece was a duet. So I worked with Lilian Gil, who helped me finish the piece. During the process I needed a chair and a big white dress. The piece was born of caos. And the name came from a text that my father wrote. We are talking about love that is an outline: “My rhythm inside the continuous repetition of questions to find your measurement in the drama of love. This scenario is the architecture of your desire, which oscillates between the desire to stay and the desire to depart; between the desire to find the way, the desire to fly and the desire to stay and embrace the ground”.

Production History:
International Platform for Choreographers Teatro Municipal Joaquim Benite


Artistic Statement:
Maíra Santos is a brazilian choreographer and performer. dance teacher, anthropologist and researcher. Her training includes studies in Contact – Improvisation, Composition in dance, Improvisation, Choreography and Contemporary. As a dance artist she worked in colaborative work as a choreographer and dancer between others with Vera Mantero, Alito Alessi, Martim Pedroso and Emanuele Sciannamea. Degree in Social Sciences, Social Anthropology and Dance. At the moment she is doing a Ph.D. in Dance at the University of Lisbon, under the guidance of the writer and Professor Gonçalo M. Tavares. Dance as a place of ritual of events, actions, conflicts, images that claim the other’s gaze outside. It is a direct language that speaks body to body. It is the skin on the flesh, muscles and bones. To be a dancer is to have the courage of the fearful. It is the courage to make a world that we want to live, is to create worlds. It is the statement of desire. And is the denial of hierarchy between people, animals and things. Is the desire to be thing. Is to build planes of immanence: sweat, fold, smell, gesture and color. It is not to be buried in ourselves. It is the full listening to each other and space. The art of dance is one thing mysterious that all becomings(devires) are possible. Is the repetition with difference, theory and practice.






Photo by: Luis Conde

This post is part of a series of profiles on performance and performance makers from this year’s book, Contemporary Performance Almanac 2016, an overview of contemporary performance presented during the 2014/2015 season available for touring now. If you would like to be apart of next year’s book, Contemporary Performance Almanac 2017, you can join the project here. 


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