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Almanac 2016: PRAXIS (Tehran, Iran)

Almanac 2016: PRAXIS (Tehran, Iran)

ANTI WAR PERFORMANCE,The memory of our world is dark and it has suffered from the phenomenon of war for many centuries. War shapes and starts based on the era in which it’s happening. However, it has no consequence other than the desolation of human beings’ soul. As an artist, our responsibility is to remember and review all those destruction and miseries that war has brought us so far, with the aim to make a world with no war, bloodshed, emigration and human destruction.”The man outside” is about the cry of humanity’s soul from the war which has destroyed all the human achievements under the name of defending human values. The play is about the desolation of humanity by human beings, it’s about the destruction of human societis by wilderness of war. As long as the collective memory of the children of our human societis is about the devastating wars destroying cities and countries, this play will remind us that wars have brought about nothing than annihilation and they will never have any other outcome. Wars only result in the humiliation of humanity, homelessness and sorrow. “The man ouside” is a continuous cry to always remind us that wars only lead in destruction. It will remind us that if some countries never take part in a war it doesn’t mean that they can be irresponsible for humanity’s and the humam destiny, or they can be indifferent toward the darkness and misery of wars in other country. This play indeed addresses those who behave irresponsibly, indifferently and are ignorant of the wars’ atrocities. It reminds us that children are dying in these wars ….

Production History:


Artistic Statement:
We are living in a society which is suffocating by the absolute ideas and we are imprisoned in this situation and we have no way to get free. Praxis Group consists of three main members: Toomaj Daneshbehzadi, Camelia Ghazali and Iman Eskandari. We have gathered together to oppose the monolgic absolutes. Our theatrical perspective is based on twenty century’s experiences with respect to all artistic areas including fashion industry, painting, sculpture, and other technical and physical theatrical achievements. The term “Praxis” was chosen for the group as we believe that this is the human action in history which should form the “ideas”. We specifically meant the theories of German philosopher, Karl Marx. We authenticate “experiencing” and we think human experiences should modify and clarify his beliefs- whatever belief that has been shaped through history.






Photo by: Sina Adli

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