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Almanac 2016: The Performing Kitchen – Marcos Moraes (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Almanac 2016: The Performing Kitchen – Marcos Moraes (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

The Pig & the Cook – an eatable performance
When I started The Performing Kitchen project I had this image of grabbing an apple and putting into my mouth, and offering myself to the audience as a roasted pig. It had to do with questioning what is a valid function of an artist currently. It took form with the performance ‘The Pig and the Cook’, which took place at Mezanino Gallery, in São Paulo, Brazil, during the Movimenta#1- performance festival, and lasted around 6 hours, divided in three parts: preparation, cooking and serving. Everything is ‘prepared’, ‘cooked’ and ‘served’ (my body, the ingredients and the space), with ‘a little help’ from the team: The scenic ambiance by Cesar Resende, the altar by Teresa de Toledo (Art, scents and essences), the sound ambiance & altar by singer + DJ Arícia Mess, the videos and images by myself and Osmar Zampieri, everything creates different layers between the sacred (altar & offerings), the mundane (feasting&dancing) and the political discourse on food, art and human society. The work unfolds through contemplative states of mind, a party moment in which people just meet, talk, eat, maybe watch videos and definitely dance, plus a finale that culminates with the artist’s offering to the audience, who decides how to finish the dish.

Production History:
Galeria Mezanino, São Paulo


Artistic Statement:
THE PERFORMING KITCHEN – collaborative platform for research and creation on dance and performance is an artistic project created and directed by dancer, choreographer and performer Marcos Moraes in collaboration with several other artists and professionals. It is an environment for artistic creation, an ongoing effort to learn from collaborative work, digging into the challenges of otherness, and into the flavors of knowledge from different ingredients – people – added to whatever they wish to create within the frameworks of performing & visual arts, literature and so on. The project has been supported by The São Paulo Dance Grant (2013&15) – which permitted the creation of photographic essays, a performance work, a dance show, a party/installation, a video, a video installation, a series of meetings&chats, among other things – In 2016 it has the federal support of Klauss Vianna Dance Grant, for circulating through Brazil. In 2014 it was awarded The Denilto Gomes Dance Award. Every action or creation starts from desire: What moves us right now? Unique, each meeting develops a dramaturgy through collaboration. We are also concerned with new ways of sharing art processes&works, to provide participants (audiences) with an experience on the alchemy of The Kitchen creations. MORAES is a performer and an activist who has been at the front of political struggles for culture public policies in Brazil.






Photo by: Pops Lopes

This post is part of a series of profiles on performance and performance makers from this year’s book, Contemporary Performance Almanac 2016, an overview of contemporary performance presented during the 2014/2015 season available for touring now. If you would like to be apart of next year’s book, Contemporary Performance Almanac 2017, you can join the project here. 


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