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Almanac 2016: Igor Almeida (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Almanac 2016: Igor Almeida (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

De onde vem essa vontade de ser alguém?
The performance “De onde vem essa vontade de ser alguém?” emerged from the author’s need of self-knowledge. The concept of the work was developed through a collage of texts that the artist wrote or read at different times of his life. In this way, those texts created very strong and similar images, all within the same subject, about the need of being somebody. From the formulation of the texts, it developed the body’s need: what this body feels when getting in touch with this text and how it wanted to express itself in agreement or disagreement to the text. The desire to be someone that beats inside a body makes the head to throb, and the body stops. It stops in the middle of a pathway. He wants to ask passers-by who they are, so he can understand them, and then understand himself. In practice, the performer stays inert for about one and a half hours in a public place in the city. Markers are provided to the passers-by, so they can answer the question, “Where does the desire of being someone come from?” writing the answers on the artist’s body. He wears only blue swimming trunks crafted in blue stones. The performance brings up an opportunity, for both the performer and those who were present during the event, to look inside themselves. The city is used as a place for artistic practices and the body as an activator of artistic situations.

Production History:
Frei Serafim Avenue (Teresina); UCAM_PortasAbertas Festival (Rio de Janeiro).


Artistic Statement:
Actor, poet and performer from Teresina, Piauí. Igor Almeida is a student of Theatre at Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras, in Rio de Janeiro. The artist is strongly inspired by Brazilian culture, mainly produced in the northeast. He likes things that are simple, natural and beautiful. Through his work he seeks to get to know his inner self as a human being by immersing in the human. In this work he counted on the help of others artists: Ana Bárbara Rodrigues and Rafael Brandão (supervision), Roberta Rocha (costume), Ney Almeida and Matheus Niquelatti (production).






Photo by: Irakerly Filho

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