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Almanac 2016: anna.laclaque (D-38106 Braunschweig, Germany)

Almanac 2016: anna.laclaque (D-38106 Braunschweig, Germany)

strapped voice
strapped voice Performance for voice, video and live-electronics In this multimedia-based performance an opera singer (anna.laclaque) combines her voice with live-electronics (Michel Lavignon) and sets the merged acoustic oeuvre into the context of a movie. Voice and electronics enter a dynamic interaction disturbing each other. It is essential for the authenticity of the performance that everything is generated on stage without any addition of pre-recorded samples. A multiplicity of acoustic images is generated, interrupted by highly dynamic runs through a tunnel as a symbol of a transition into a new state of mind. Ultimately, the voice is decomposed, overlaid and gets unrecognisable, and emerges as a new voice after each tunnel. The performance evokes different emotional states which in their serial composition are associated with a disoriented search for the own identity.

Production History:
laclaque.raum für performance (Braunschweig), hole of fame (Dresden), Atelier Marion Jungeblut (Kunstfest Braunschweig)


Artistic Statement:
anna.laclaque The opera singer, pianist, and performance artist anna.laclaque works in her performances with live electronics to alienate and multiplicate her voice and, with the help of video projections, generates multimedia-based room installations. Her artworks have the goal to initiate cross-border artistic experiments and to define new and unanticipated expression forms. With a particular affinity to contemporary music the opera singer anna.laclaque alias Annette Stricker performed in multiple leading opera houses, world premieres (Sciarino Macbeth, Mitterer Massacre) and international festivals (Paris, New York, Bregenz). She was influenced by intensive collaborations with the stage directors Achim Freyer, Trisha Brown, and Reinhild Hoffmann, with the music directors Sivain Cambreling, Kasushi Ono, Beat Furrer, and Peter Rundel, as well as by projects with the Ensemble Modern and Klangforum Wien. Since 2013 she is member of the Trio Konkret-zu-Abstrakt concentrated on live-electro-acoustic music. In the context of her more recent development into experimental performance arts she works together with the photographer and live-electronics musician Michel Lavignon and received an award by the Braunschweigische Stiftung for the project “aria direction z” in 2015.






Photo by: anna.laclaque

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