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Apply today to the Santarcangelo dei Teatri Residency Open Call 2017

Apply today to the Santarcangelo dei Teatri Residency Open Call 2017

Santarcangelo dei Teatri Residency Open Call 2017
Up to two weeks any month in 2017
Santarcangelo, Italy
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A letter from Eva Neklyaeva, artistic director of Santarcangelo dei Teatri

Dear artists, stage technicians, curators, researchers, critics, light designers, producers, managers, communication managers, ticket sellers, sound magicians, set designers, tour managers and all of you who participate in the creation of contemporary performance today.

We have a residency program in Santarcangelo and we would love to welcome you here.
Santarcangelo is a town on top of a hill near the sea. I’ve been living here for two months now and it’s an amazing place to work.

Residency conditions:
We have guestrooms for up to 20 persons (5 rooms from 2 to 6 beds per room and shared bathrooms).
We have a black box to work, called “Lavatoio”, because it used to be a public washroom.
We can ask our local partners to provide other kind of workspaces, depending on your needs.

There is no money involved in this transaction. You pay us nothing, we pay you nothing.

Residency period:
Teatro Il Lavatoio can be offered for up to two weeks
Residency accommodation without the black box can be offered for up to one month. In exceptional cases if the residency is connected strongly with local research in Santarcangelo, we can offer longer periods.

An encounter with young audience:
We have a program of encounters between the residency guests and local young audience. Sometimes we ask residency artists to donate 1-3 hours of their time to the teens. This encounter can take a form of conversation, movement workshop, watching a movie together, trip to the sea, whatever. This is negotiated between the teens and the guests after they have been selected for the residency. This encounter is an option, not a condition for the residency.

Informal skills exchange:
For production and communication experts, we offer a possibility to have an encounter with our festival team, to share knowledge and inspiration.

I think too much of time goes into paperwork nowadays, so we tried to simplify the application as much as possible. You fill this form and we promise to answer you in 30 days or earlier.

The demand for the residency is higher than the capacity, so there is a selection process. It goes like this: I read all the applications and then our production assistant Shaila Chenet replies to the applicants according to my instructions. Sometimes we ask for extra information about the projects, but mostly it’s just a simple yes / no.

I apologize for not being able to comment on applications that will not be accepted. Due to the lack of time, we decided to send out generic “no” replies.

Because of our limited capacity, I prioritize applicants who, in my subjective opinion, are more connected to the kind of programming I’m developing together with my co-curator and artistic collaborators. I can say that I’m looking for people in the field, artists but also other professionals, who are working for change. This change can be widening a definition of what is possible, looking for methods of creating affect or changing perception, reclaiming identities, creating relationships, facilitating conversations, developing new ways of producing and communicating art.

List of criteria:
– your practice should be connected to contemporary performance / theatre / dance, live arts, performance art, sound performance, etc.
– Your residency project can be of any format: research, writing, rehearsal period, tryout, etc.
– the call is open to all professions associated with this scene, including experts in production and communication.
– We prioritize professionals working in the independent field.

Eva Neklyaeva, artistic director of Santarcangelo dei Teatri

Apply Online –> 

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