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Opportunities / Residencies

Apply Today: Residency at ZK/U (Berlin) Deadline: March 31st, 2017

Apply Today: Residency at ZK/U (Berlin) Deadline: March 31st, 2017

Residency at ZK/U (Berlin)
Deadline: March 31st, 2017
More on the Space
Conceptual frame

Individual Support. Space. Collaborative and Networking Possibilities.

In addition to studio work, the main focus of the ZK/U residency program is the cross-disciplinary exchange between artists, scholars and practitioners, as well as the outcomes of their individual and collaborative work that may include projects, symposia and exhibitions according to conceptual frame. We expect that these interdisciplinary exchanges at the international and local levels will foster both short and long-term ties.

For this purpose, ZK/U will offer fellows optimal working and communication structures. Various spaces will be available for production, exhibiting, exchange and leisure, including the individual studio-apartments, the event space, the communal kitchen, the library (in progress), the basement for events, the roofed terrace, the surrounding park, local municipal workshops in the immediate neighborhood for specialized productions and installations can be realized.

Practice of Residency

ZK/U aims at providing the participants with access to resources that will enable them to develop and challenge their ideas and working methods during the period of their residency. Fellows will be encouraged to present their work and ideas at the beginning to the residency community and towards the end of their stay, allowing a chosen public to share their thoughts within the frame of the OPENHAUS. Presentations can be made individually or as part of a symposium or exhibition taking place in and around ZK/U, and use a range of formats.

Researchers and artists will also have the chance to discuss their ideas with other professionals from the ZK/U network during individual studio visits, informal meetings and open discussions. Parallel to individual activities ZK/U will encourage involvement in external exhibition projects initiated by ZK/U and their partners. The team of ZK/U will keep the residents updated on events happening in the city and will support them in understanding the milieu that they are working and living in.

ZK/U partners help establish our work on a broad, interdisciplinary, and heterogeneous footing. In the international context, ZK/U endeavors to cooperate with established institutions. At the local level, it works with both institutional and less formally constituted parties, such as neighborhood initiatives and art projects. Cooperation with a number of the partners is currently underway.

More on partners

ZK/U Residency

Residents will benefit of furnished studio-apartments (half of which have private bathrooms), communal facilities, an open platform for public events, lectures, discussions, screenings, performance and presentations.

The price covers all utility costs (heating, water, electricity, internet connection, laundry, etc.) and common space usage (kitchen, common working lounge, terrace). ZK/U organizes various events which allow residents to present their work to a selected audience.

The residency also organizes monthly curator studio visits, one public group presentation per month, online and local promotion of the public events, and the opportunity for the residents to propose their own format.


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