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Apply Today: Performance Art Festival 2017 – Pittsburgh (Fee)

Apply Today: Performance Art Festival 2017 – Pittsburgh (Fee)

Performance Art Festival 2017
Submission Deadline: Wednesday May 31st
Apply Online ($10 Fee)

Pittsburgh’s annual Performance Art Festival (PAF) is a weekend long event featuring site-specific performances and art interventions by multi-media artists from around the world. Applicants are encouraged to submit living art, durational and time-based performances, interactive new-media, installations, documentations, and collaborative works among other forms of performance.

This year PAF will be presented in Glitterbox Theatre and Pittsburgh Filmmakers, located at 460 Melwood Avenue. Pittsburgh, PA. August 26th-27th.

After submitting work for review artists will be notified for interviews shortly thereafter. Selected artists will be provided housing and meals for the days of the festival. The team is currently pursuing funding and will announce stipends in late spring.

Questions? Visit:

An ever-evolving medium, performance art takes on a variety of forms, styles, and breadth of subject matter. While the arts in Pittsburgh continues to evolve, representation of this contemporary practice is severely lacking. The PAF series, now in its third year, has introduced the medium, wrought with intensity, delicacy, visceral and ephemeral experiences, to a growing audience, engaged local artists, and satisfied fans of performance arts.

In 2014 the Performance Art Festival (PAF) began as a piece in itself, a multi-venue weekend event with simultaneously performing artists from all over the east coast.  It was clear after PAF 2015 that the festival had outgrown the building at 5106 Penn, and the event has since traveled the city of Pittsburgh. We were fortunate to have Murray Horne, curator of the Cultural Trust, offer the 2016 festival a home at the Trust’s flagship SPACE gallery downtown during the Three Rivers Arts Festival. In 2017 PAF spreads the love to artist-run spaces Glitterbox Theatre and Babyland, and will screen works at Filmmakers across the street at 477 Melwood Avenue.

Bunker Projects has hosted performance artists in residency during summer months in coordination with PAF. Past resident participants include Katie Hovencamp (2014), Grace Byrne (2015), Julianna Strickland (2015), and Arantxa Araujo (2016). It is Bunker Projects’ hope to continue this trend in the future!

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