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Apply Today: Open Call – Altofest 2017 Residency Program June 30 – July 9, 2017 (Naples, Italy)

Apply Today: Open Call – Altofest 2017 Residency Program June 30 – July 9, 2017 (Naples, Italy)

ALTOFEST 2017 – 7th Edition
GIVE RISE TO a human/urban regeneration
Residency + Program 30th June > 9th July
International Open Call
Deadline 15th April

Altofest is the space of the beginning, built by uncertain steps and people waiting at the doors of the houses.

Altofest was born to GIVE RISE to a community that generates a critical thinking, that is constantly on the alert regarding every attempt of imposing a depersonalized cultural proposal. A community that is able to recognize culture as a primary good, as a daily need. Altofest tries to insert a process athwart the several social elements of the urban fabric, putting them into dialogue. The connection is given by the foreign, external gaze, expressing itself in the plurality of artistic languages that are hosted in the festival. These semantic interferences give community a chance to speak to each other in a neutral language, meeting in a common space for risking.

Altofest questions about the need to generate new values, to radically reshape the relationship with the places, subverting the use of space and the assignment of fixed roles, daring never tempted incursions (of genre, discipline, responsibility, action).

The festival was born in 2011 in Naples, and it is conceived and directed by TeatrInGestAzione (

TeatrInGestAzione – artistic body founded and directed by Anna Gesualdi and Giovanni Trono. From many years the company deals with the creation of innovative artistic practices; directly involving international artists and territory, TeatrInGestAzione focuses on the involvement of citizens in the cultural processes, inserting the artistic action in socio-urban and human architecture in which the company acts. They promote creative praxises that produce new thinking, fostering the growth of the community enhancing diversity, and not looking for consensus.

Altofest is conceived by TeatrInGestAzione as a system-artwork, extended to the city and shared with artists, space donors citizens, creators of thinking, experts working in the field of culture (curators, producers, artistic directors).

The Festival is built with the citizens of Naples who host the works of international artists in their houses and/or private spaces (apartments, terraces, basements, courtyards, whole buildings, artisan shops…).
The process is developed by experimenting with innovative poetics and aiming to the involvement of places with their system of relations.

The program of the festival welcomes all the expressions of contemporary art, hosting interdisciplinary projects, originated by the dialogue among artists experimenting with original synergies and hybrid praxis. Today their presence makes Altofest a crossroads of diversified languages and experimental aesthetics.
Works in program are observed and analyzed by a Critique Panel: a permanent space of reflection and interdisciplinary research, organic with Alto Fest, in which a miscellaneous group of researchers and artists is called to exercise a collective and multi-perspective gaze on the Festival.

The Panel is directed by Silvia Mei (DAMS Bologna – in dialogue with TeatrInGestAzione. The names of the members that will form the 2017 Panel will be available on the website of Altofest.

The program of Altofest is inaugurated by TEXTURE – a platform of debate among international culture experts. A meeting dedicated to culture programming, to the sharing of vision and praxises. The panel of experts is currently being defined. All the updates and previous panels are available on the website.
Artists are invited to see the programmed works, to participate in all the activities shared with the citizens that the festival plans, to dialogue with the Critique Panel, to participate in the moments of debate and shared reflection with the international cultural experts, leaving a written trace of their own presence/experience.

Altofest is then a Permanent Observatory focused on the “aesthetic experience”, inviting the artists in program to a reflection, relating their own project to the principle that generated the festival: Give Rise To.

Performers, researchers, art and thought practitioners, single or collective artists are invited. No matter the nationality, language, age. Amateur groups are excluded.

The residency programs offer the accommodation at the space donors citizens and a production fee of € 500.

RESIDENCY 30th June > 4th July
Selected artists can apply with ended works, to be re-qualified in relation with the spaces of the festival, renouncing to any technical support that is not compatible with the assigned space.
The works have to be finished and debuted.

Artist will be invited in a residency of re-qualification of their work, for a period of 5 days. The work will be then open to the audience during the following 5 days. The presence of the artist is required for the entire period of the festival, for a period of 10 days.

The artist will have to involve the space donor during the process of investigation and re-elaboration of the work, keeping the donor informed about the process of re-writing of the inhabited space. The artist will start a dialogue that may leave a short trace about the mutual experience. This trace will be then shared with the audience.

PROGRAM 5th > 9th July 2017
During the following days the Fest will develop in the most central areas of the city, the fest moves in the central areas of the cities, with a program from 11am to 11pm, with the insertions of the “Dialogues” directed by the Critique Panel and with the informal meetings with cultural experts.
All the interventions are free and booking compulsory.


  • Proposals can be sent online at the following link: and clicking on “open call”
  • In the same page you will find the REGULATIONS document. Before filling the Application Form, Altofest recommends you to carefully read the guidelines describing the structure of the Festival and the conditions for participation.
  • The proposals must include all the requested materials. The materials must be uploaded to the online platforms, as indicated.
  • If you have problems with the online form, please send us an email at

+39 320 0304861 – for English +39 320 2796122 |

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