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MA/MFA Programs

Opportunities: Fellowships – Video & Media Design MFA for Performance – School of Drama CMU

Opportunities: Fellowships – Video & Media Design MFA for Performance – School of Drama CMU

All Video & Media Design MFA Students Qualify for Fellowships

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The School of Drama Graduate Video & Media Design Option is a conceptually rigorous, hands-on and innovative three–year program, which teaches advanced technical skills in a critical context.

This program is designed for forward-thinking and fearless artists working at the forefront of media technology and the Arts. Course work is focused on experimentation and collaboration. Classes like Mediated Reality and Media Creation Studio explore state of the art image creation and display technologies as new forms of meaning production, while Digital Devising (the flagship collaborative class), is where Graduate students from the Design & Directing programs work with the Senior Actors to devise new works exploring the rich potential of technologically savvy performance.

Video & Media Design graduate students are encouraged to think critically about media technologies, their impact on individuals, relationships and society and to explore these issues in the form and content of their work. The program also leverages CMU’s advanced curricula in a variety of disciplines across the university to provide Graduates with an in-depth yet flexible course of study. Cross-departmental projects with the Schools of Art, Architecture, Computer Science, Robotics, Human-Computer Interaction and others are enthusiastically supported.

Lord of the Flies

* William Golding’s Lord of the Flies in The Chosky Theater – Directed by Caden Manson; Media Design by Kevin Ramser & Dan Sakamoto

Indeed, the ability to tailor your course of study toward your interests and career goals is a key asset to this program.

Graduate Video & Media Design students participate fully in the ambitious School of Drama production schedule across 4 theaters. All CMU productions are student designed and produced, with close faculty support. Graduate students are involved in at least one production per semester, which range from one-act plays to full-scale main-stage productions and “devised” or experimental works.

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Facilities, Equipment, and Software available for Media Design students:

Studio 201:

* Studio 201 empty and as designed for Artro Ui, Directed by Stephen M. Eckert and media design by Sylvie Sherman

    • “Studio 201,” a 15,000 sq ft, flexible media lab, housing large wheeling rear-screen units, moving walls, lighting, sound and video cameras & projection equipment. This is where Future Stages is taught.
    • A 450+ seat “fly” proscenium mainstage & 2 fully equipped black box theaters in the Purnell Center.
    • A wide variety of video projectors from tiny picos to Panasonic professional units (4k – 20 K).
    • Multiple camera systems from low res surveillance cameras to 4K resolution Lumix Gh4 systems.
    • Multiple up to date Mac & PC towers for production and class work.
  • In addition to the extensive CMU computing services basic design software the Media Design Option works regularly with: Disguise (D3), TouchDesigner, Millumin, Unity 3D, Cinema 4D, Maya, Max/MSP/Jitter, Isadora, Q-lab, Watchout, Vectorworks & Autocad.

The School of Drama Video & Media Design Option is an intensive three-year course of study providing a solid theoretical grounding in the history and contemporary issues surrounding media technologies and extensive practical experience through class-work and productions.

The third year of the program is dedicated to thesis work, realized both onstage in a fully produced School of Drama production as well as a separate project that serves as the culmination of their unique course of study and critical interests.

Graduates have a wide range of skills and the proven ability to work across many performance and entertainment disciplines, including theater, film, television, dance, opera, and live events.

The curriculum is designed to allow time for students to take advantage of the wide variety of resources at Carnegie Mellon University for in-depth study. From 4K videography to animation, 3D technologies (motion capture, modeling, VR & AR environments), to creative coding (openFrameworks, python, C#, JavaScript, etc), students work with Faculty advisers to create their ideal curriculum.

A growing focus is on creative coding for performance contexts, and there is an active course schedule across the College of Fine Arts, Computer Science & Engineering (Robotics) to pursue these areas with “best in class” faculty and facilities.

School of Drama alumni and visiting artists share their expertise with students through project work, visiting lectures, workshops, and professional development seminars. As students ready themselves for graduation, alumni introduce them to the profession during Showcases in New York City and Los Angeles.

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A/B Machines Adapted from The Work of Andy Warhol

* In The Bag -in The Rauh Theater. Adapted & Directed by RachelKarp ; Media Design by SooAKim

* In The Bag -in The Rauh Theater. Adapted & Directed by Rachel Karp ; Media Design by SooAKim

* Alkestis - Writtenby Euripides, Translated by Anne Carson; - in The Rauh Theater, Directed by Philip Gates; Media Design by AdamThompson.

* Alkestis – Written by Euripides, Translated by Anne Carson; – in The Rauh Theater, Directed by Philip Gates; Media Design by Adam Thompson.

Disguise (d3) Media Server workshop with Alumni JacksonGallagher from Fragment Nine.

*Disguise (d3) Media Server workshop with Alumni Jackson Gallagher from Fragment Nine.

* VIA Festival Mainstage livevideo by VMD MFA Students 2016.

* VIA Festival Mainstage live video by VMD MFA Students 2016.

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Questions about the program or application process
Contact: Lawrence Shea

Associate Professor, Video & Media Design
School of Drama
Carnegie Mellon University
Purnell Center for the Arts
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890

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